UPDATE: Virginia Governor Says He has ‘NO REGRETS’ Over Late-Term Abortion Comments | Sean Hannity

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam refused to dial-back his recent comments regarding late-term abortions this week; saying he had “no regrets” over his harsh rhetoric depicting a potential “abortion” after the child’s birth.

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I am deeply appalled by the recent turn of events regarding late term abortion. Let us call it what it is: infanticide.

Northam has also come under attack for a yearbook matter from 1986 I believe. This issue stands apart from his recent bad decisions. I cannot help but wonder how many critics could withstand a cavity search going back over 30 years? I know I couldn’t because I’m human and have done dumb stuff. I’m not a liberal. I am a human being.

So here’s the deal. I can show grace on the event from his past BUT his current statements on the most fragile and vulnerable among us I can only pray that God have mercy on his very soul. I can only pray that this country wakes up and responds by removing from office haters of life.