UPDATE: Sen. Kamala Harris Speaks After Boycotting Kavanaugh Vote

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/update-sen-kamala-harris-speaks-after-boycotting-kavanaugh-vote/

Sen. Kamala Harris spoke with reporters Friday afternoon after abruptly walking out of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh; slamming GOP “bullies” and renewing her calls for a thorough FBI investigation.

Harris addressed journalists minutes after boycotting the committee’s vote, saying the process has been hijacked “from top to bottom.”

"Frankly, the statements yesterday were about bullying fellow Senators and from top to bottom, this has been about bullies,” said Harris. “All we have asked for is that there be an FBI investigation.”

She’s absolutely right…btw, did Kavanaugh ever answer her question about laws on the books controlling male bodies?

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