UPDATE: President Trump Says He’ll Deliver State of the Union ‘When Shutdown Over’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump confirmed Wednesday night he plans to delay his annual State of the Union address until after the federal government re-opens in the coming weeks; saying he’ll speak to the American people when the “shutdown is over.”

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I am a strong supporter of the President. Donated $600 in 2016 for his run, most I’ve ever given anyone running for political office. Just before Christmas I donated $1,000 for the private funding #BuildTheWall. Although the SOTU speech means nothing in the long run, as someone typed to me this morning, the President ‘blinked’. This person is correct he did, and I’m not happy. One blink leads to another, and another. America as a sovereign nation is finished if Patriots blink too often. The wall is the defining moment whether the U.S.A., as the greatest experiment in human history, exists or is erased by the one world elitists, that their only vision is a socialist led world.

I am a strident supporter of President Trump and usually agree with his decisions. That being said, I strongly disagree with his decision to delay the SOTU address until after the shutdown. This is a blatant capitulation to Nancy Pelosi and gives dims the upper hand in future negotiations to fully fund border security inclusive of the wall. He has already conceded more than I think is necessary and further erosion of his negotiating position puts him in a weaker posture to stand firm on his principles. Consider me extremely disappointed.

I believe this “blink” was purposeful and sets the President up as a person who is willing to work within a difficult and unyielding situation. As the Dems continue to shoot down every offer that contains elements that they have pushed for in the past, it will become very clear to all that the Dems are the problem. They are already getting pressured to negotiate within and without their own party. This is no time to abandon our leader now. He will come through with a border wall.

First of all it’s not her house, it’s mine…We The People…How dare her refuse the President of the United States entry for any reason…he was elected by “We the People”
and he deserves to have the SOTU speech where he chooses …not where or when she thinks it should be…she did not win the Election …Donald Trump did…and I think everyone reading this should call there state house of Rep’s and tell them …do what you were elected to do . Uphold the constitution . then call all there friends and tell them to do the same thing…
respectfully submitted