UPDATE: Federal Prosecutors to Seek the DEATH PENALTY for Synagogue Shooter | Sean Hannity

Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the suspect behind this weekend’s deadly assault inside the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; saying he should receive the ultimate penalty after murdering 11 people during his hate-filled massacre.

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As DEPLORABLE as it is, the PITTSBURG Killing of Jews should NOT be the ONLY reason that the DEATH PENALTY be imposed. The KILLING of ANY PERSON, no matter what religion they practise, who is KILLED in the act of participating in RELIGIOUS ACTIVITY should automatically warrent the DEATH PENALTY, The KILLING of a POLICE OFFICER on or off duty activly engaged in the performance of POLICEWORK should ALSO warrent the DEATH PENALTY !!!

I cannot see why we have to limit the impostion of the DEATH PENNALTY on only select persons. DEATH should be the the ONLY SENTANCE a criminal should get when he commits a crime and /or intentionally kills an Officer of the LAW or a civilian !!! Why cheapen the life of civilians by omitting their importance when they are MURDERED ??? Return the DEATH PENALTY !!!

While I agree with EPCIII’s comments about restoring the death penalty for certain crimes, I also believe that the “death penalty” as currently applied in the USA is NOT a serious deterrent, when convicted criminals sit in relative comfort on “death row” for DOZENS of years while lawyers continue to argue their case in courts AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

The “death penalty” should be carried out swiftly and certainly after conviction, and as publicly as possible! BRING BACK PUBLIC HANGINGS! Give criminals something to think about BEFORE they commit their crimes!

The death penalty should be restored and /or applied fairly and quickly. However, two facts remain: Historically, it has been proven, the death sentence does not deter crime. Criminals never believe they will be caught. Secondly, if sentences are carried out immediately, the possibility of killing the wrong person would increase.

But in many crimes, with sufficient evidence, immediate execution should be implemented.