UPDATE: Bernie Field Organizer Says Those Who ‘Fight Against the Revolution’ Are ‘Gonna Die Motherf***er!’

Originally published at: UPDATE: Bernie Field Organizer Says Those Who ‘Fight Against the Revolution’ Are ‘Gonna Die Motherf***er!’ | Sean Hannity

The political fallout from the latest Project Veritas video escalated Tuesday after new footage of a Bernie Sanders’ field organizer claimed those who “fight against the revolution” are “gonna die motherf***er!”

“What are we gonna do with those people that resist the change?” asked the undercover journalist. “Because that’s a big deal.”

“I’ll tell what, in Cuba, what did they do to reactionaries? They shot them on the beach. Do you want to fight against the revolution? You’re gonna die for it motherf***er!” said the Sanders’ activist.

Bernie Sanders Field Organizer suggests people who “resist change” would be shot and killed.

"Do you want to fight against the revolution? You're gonna die for it motherf*cker." #Expose2020

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) January 14, 2020


Original Story: January 14, 2020

Unbelievable undercover footage released by Project Veritas Tuesday shows a field organizer for Bernie Sanders’ campaign calling for outright violence and death against those opposing the far-left Senator’s radical agenda; predicting “F***ing cities will burn” if President Trump is re-elected.

“Well, I’ll Tell You What in Cuba, What They do to Reactionaries? You Want to Fight Against the Revolution, You’re Going to Die for it, M*****F***er,” he said.

“Free Speech Has Repercussions…There Are Consequences for Your F***ing Actions…You Should Expect a Violent Reaction. And You Deserve a Violent Reaction,” he added.

“A Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Field Organizer, Kyle Jurek, was secretly recorded bragging about his extreme leftist fringe views, calling for violence and death to those who oppose Sanders’ radical policies. Kyle Jurek, who works out of the Sanders campaign Iowa office, has been paid at least $9,775 since starting in his official campaign role,” writes Project Veritas.

I’m ready to throw down now. I don’t want to wait and have to wait for f***ing DNC…The billionaire class. The f***ing media, pundits. Walk into that MSNBC studios, drag those motherf***ers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets,” said Jurek in one stunning exchange.