UPDATE: Additional ‘Suspicious Packages’ Sent to Joe Biden, Robert De Niro | Sean Hannity

Former Vice President Joe Biden and outspoken actor Robert De Niro were also the targets of two additional “suspicious packages” similar to those delivered to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, and CNN’s New York headquarters.

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So far, none of these “suspicious packages” have exploded or have been proven to be hazardous in any way. The person sending these packages obviously has access to the Democrat party’s membership rolls, including the mailing and/or home addresses of various Democrat politicians and major party supporters and donors.

Is this some sort of desperate plot to blame Republicans and generate sympathy for the Democrats to gain more votes just before the midterm elections?

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No doubt this is another devious plot by the DNC to garner sympathetic votes. Unlike the clowns on the left…if the right was serious, these wouldn’t be failed attempts. History proves the people on the right DO NOT STOOP to terrorist tactics. The democrats are scared to death. Red wave means…jail time for many of them and the demise of the DNC as it is today. A republic needs at least two viable parties to be a democratic republic…It’s healthy, but the DEMOCRATS of today mirror the Nazi party of the thirties…they have to go.

This is all Democrapper ■■■■■■■■. Everything is wrong with these so-called bomb packages, and the manner of delivery. The alleged bombs themselves have timers??? This whole debacle was meant to be a HAIL MARY to deflate a RED WAVE. Won’t work, would never work, and it is just another way to piss off Trump voters. CNN is so transparently stupid.