Unnecessary overpriced education

Actually, for engineering many of the inexpensive state schools are considered top tier.

My polysci professor in college was overtly openly liberal, to the point of encouraging his students to vote for Bill Clinton. The history teachers at the high school I taught at were also very liberal as well.

Regarding High School positions, when it came to hiring teachers for subjects like History, Phys Ed., English, Art, school administrators would typically get hundreds of resumes for those positions. It would often be the case that many with those degrees were unemployed or underemployed or not doing anything related to their major. Although when it came to hiring teachers for physics or chemistry we would be lucky to get ten resumes.

We all know there are many alternatives to college education such as trades, apprentices etc. but that does not change the fact that the cost of a college education is becoming out of reach for many.

It is time for students to get smarter about college. My employer reimburses $5,000 per year for school. We have an arrangement with SNHU that tuition costs are deferred until the end of the semester so there is not even any out of pocket upfront expense. We see many younger people joining the organization to take advantage of this.

I got my associates degree this way and now nearly finished my BA. It has cost me $0.

Precisely my point. Imagine a political science professor having a political slant, that is just crazy!

With Bernie and Socialism anyone can either just get money freely handed
to them if they feel that they don’t want to work, or the minimum wage can be 15 dollars
an hour or higher, that way the cost of living can go up also. Ultimately,
there is no point. Free College? Bernie Sanders, and Socialists,
want almost free everything!

Who is going to pay? If we’re all high on drugs, who cares! right?
We’ll all be eating out of garbage trucks, and living in a Venezuela type utiopia! lol.

The problem with liberal politicians, philosophy and policies is that it never looks to identify and or address the reasons for the problems and simply looks to throw more at it. That’s why all the Democrat controlled inner cities have still the same problems today that they had 50 years ago.

If a comprehensive college education is as useless as it is made out to be, I’m sure principled conservatives would refuse to attend or let their kids attend for free if given the opportunity, right?


As opposed to those idyllic havens of prosperity in red country, right?

The same problems and then some! like Chicago, IL.
Liberal Corrupt for over 100 years. I wonder how many
broken promises have come out of that City Politics wise?

I was going to say that. Its a natural evolution. The government subsidizes the cost of education making more people financially able to go to college. The Universities see the flood of government funded students for whom cost is no longer an object, so they raise their tuition to leverage as much of the benefit they can from the government. Government sees the cost of tuition going up so they increase the amount of money for subsidies … and the cycle continues.

I’m confused thought???

I thought the Democrats were so proud of the Education in this country?
I wonder what we’re ranked overall education wise on most things
compared to other countries?

How about people with not a lot of book smarts? I guess Socialists
what to make it so the American dream where if people work hard enough
that don’t have a degree, that they can’t have their own businesses,
and be rich someday, or even pay off their bills someday. lol.

15 years from now, if we’re still all alive that is, lol, it might just take
a bachelors degree just to work at McDonalds to flip burgers.

If it’s as useless as it’s made out to be, regardless of the cost, why do any Conservatives send their kids to college? And if colleges and universities are liberal propaganda mills, why do they send their kids to college or care what it costs?

Who, among the Conservatives on this board, have refused to send their kids to college because not only is a comprehensive education useless, they are also liberal propaganda mills?

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That must have been years ago. Now, it’s hard to find English teachers as well as math and science teachers. Social studies teachers are easier to find.

I’m a conservative, and for the most part believe in a comprehensive education, and both of my sons are studying at universities. I had a comprehensive (aka liberal arts and sciences education) and am glad it wasn’t too specialized. My current career field wasn’t in existence when I was in college.

That is an excellent point. No one knows what job/skills will be needed in the future.

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You have it exactly right.

Everytime the government gets involved in something the costs go out of sight. And why not? All that lovely government money will be forthcoming…gauranteed!. Raise the prices, NOW!!!

It never fails.

Now, we are just stuck with it.


Are you talking about inner city schools? Also I am talking about my experience as a teacher in NJ. Different parts of the country may different challenges.

I’m guessing that Bernie sanders and the dem dems want
free college for everyone, because they figured since they failed so much
on education, and they constantly are supposedly so proud for education
in this country, and yet our education system is rated what, compared to other countries?

Maybe if they give college education away for free, then that will make up for
their failure amongst students below a college level? lol

No, in general. Florida as a whole is expected to be short around 10,000 teachers next school year. When the economy is good, teaching jobs are hard to fill. The economy is pretty good at this point. Also, FL has slightly more stringent standards for English teachers than for Social Studies (History) teachers. English teachers are required to have a reading endorsement, which takes a college class or two or a series of 4 or 5 continuing education courses.