United States permanently withdraws from the World Health Organization

The United States has just permanently withdrawn from the World Health Organization.

This is a very rare instance where I agree with a Trump stunt.

As long as the World Health Organization remains China’s bitch we should remain out.

As soon as W.H.O. changes their ******* attitude, then we can discuss rejoining.


In the middle of a global pandemic when we need more information and coordination not less?

Dumb move.

Now we have no chance and reforming the institution either.

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Why would they change for a country who is not a memeber?

Because they will be reminded where most of their money comes from?


Uh huh. China is super poor.

“listen to the scientists”…

Like tedros??

No thanks.

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Then why weren’t they giving them the majority of their money before? Just because the Chinese have money doesn’t mean they are going to pick up the slack. But if they do, at least they’ll be paying for the help of their accomplice next time instead of us.

The WHO has been wrong so many times that I consider them to be less reliable than the weatherman.


Doesn’t Congress get any say in this?

Now this is what I call winning…making America great…right? :smirk:

This is another reactionary move by this President. He has no plan to do anything outside of the WHO to collaborate with other countries.

Just like he had no plan to replace Obamacare

No plan to renegotiate after pulling out of the Iran deal.

Just like he had no plan after pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.

If he wants to isolate the US from the rest of the world… fine. Make an argument to do so. Have a plan. Failure to plan is a plan to fail and this President has many plans to fail.

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On May 18 Trump sent a letter to the WHO giving them 30 days to make changes to the origination in regards to their relationship with China or he would give them the boot. So why did he pull this stunt weeks before the deadline? And there are different opinions about how much power does he have to make good on his decision.
I think that this is just another attempt to change the narrative again.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Trump!


The ole Trump is a blithering idiot who is clueless about anything meme. :roll_eyes:

I guess Trump haters just can’t help themselves.



the less we align ourselves with the rest of the corrupt bar scene from star wars world, the better


They aren’t “China’s bitch”.

They are every country’s bitch.

The countries involved want it that way.

This is an organization that lacked the teeth to criticize THE CONGO for their pitiful response to Ebola.

If they couldn’t criticize the Congo…the weren’t going to criticize China.

I’m against this solely because you don’t influence change in the world by withdrawing from the world.

Well you do…but not the change you seek.


Do you think we are taken for granted?

Charity begins at home. Maybe the world doesn’t need to change? Maybe the world is normal and we’re not?

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Isolationism is cool now. Of course when another notable Republican suggested doing it a few years ago, he was run out of town on a rail by the same party that’s fawning over Trump now. Funny how that works.

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Isolationism never has worked out for us in the era we have been a world power.

It won’t now.

Leaving WHO is not isolationism.