United Methodists are no longer United


New schism – over traditional vs worldly views of morality regarding homosexual behavior.

It’s not a surprise.

We may still see the same in Roman Catholicism some day.

I grew up in the United Methodist Church. Sad to see this day, though I knew it was long coming.

Why doesn’t God just tell them how to handle it?

He’s going to be mad at half of them.

Or did He already know?

This just caused a flashback to a Cheers episode I saw probably 30 years ago.

Woody and his gf realize they belong to different denominations and he gets sad and angry that he’ll have to look at her through the barbwire in heaven.

Late edit:

Ha! I found it. I had it reversed though, the g/f was happy after Woody converted that when they go to heaven they aren’t seperated by barbwire and barking dogs

carry on.

The People’s Judean Front or the Judean People’s Front or People’s Front of Judea?

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Not going to happen. Catholics are more disciplined than Protestant heretics.

Versus Catholic idolaters. :smile:

Pick your poison.

I have been out of the church for years, yet I still find the back and forth interesting. :smile:

There is nothing funnier to me than different religions arguing about which one is the true one.

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I will make a brief observation.

I describe myself as a non-theist, rather than an atheist, and for a significant reason.

Science cannot DISPROVE religion, any more than it can PROVE religion. The scientific method fails either to disprove or prove the existence of a deity or any other component of religion. Since science cannot conclusively answer the question, I must take a neutral stance.

Science is nothing but an organized search for such truths as can be empirically observed. It is neither a weapon to be used against religion, as atheists might try, nor a weapon to be used in favor of religion, as pseudo-scientists might try.

So why we might chuckle about fights between religions, in the end, NOBODY has the last word. Just a matter of opinion. All of us here, everybody in the world.

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I would also add that I raised my kids with full freedom to choose their paths in life. My daughter has taken my own path. My eldest son is agnostic but more open to religion. My younger son was baptized into the United Methodist Church at age 23, shortly before his marriage.

And I am fine with all their choices.

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Science cannot DISPROVE Santa, Zeus, Apollo, or the the Christian God, and yet the Christian God is somehow accepted as real.

Interesting, is it not?

Interesting maybe.

People choose to believe what they believe.

And science can no more disprove Santa, the Easter Bunny than it can disprove religious deities.

People generally do not believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny after a certain age.

But people choose to believe in Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah and all the rest. There are small sects that still worship such Gods as Zeus and Amon Ra.

And therein is the point.

People CHOOSE to believe or they CHOOSE not to believe. And as long as they are FREE to CHOOSE, everything is fine.

I choose not to believe, but in the absence of conclusive scientific data, accept that the question is open.

I pointedly do NOT seek converts to my belief on this issue. I let my own children freely choose their path. I do not ridicule people who choose to believe any religion.

Only when a religion attempts to overstep the bounds to control civil life do I take a stand.

I agree. I want people to have the right to believe whatever they want.

I am interested in why they do, however.

Much more research is required, but you may find the God gene theory of interest.

It basically posits that there is a genetic predisposition to religion and spirituality in people who have this active gene. Also posited is that while environment mostly effects a person’s believe while young, genetics becomes predominant as the person ages.

It also posits that this gene and its predominant effect may have been a survival response by early humans. Spirituality could have raised the optimism of early humans and united them, making their survival more likely.

Much more research is needed but I feel that this is a plausible and worthy subject of study.

Interesting. I will check this out.

My theory is that humans are the only animals that know they are going to die. I can’t think of any religion that doesn’t offer some sort afterlife if one joins the club. If there are some, they don’t have many followers. People are comforted by the fact that they really don’t die.

This helps explain why people such as scientists who normally require proof will still believe in the supernatural.

Young children are easily convinced about these myths…Santa is a perfect example.

Plus this unites people, making survival easier. This goes along with the hypothesis you presented.

The genetics angle is a new one, though.

Is there madness to the methods of the methodists