United Kingdom Supreme Court declares the advice of Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament unlawful and declares the Queen's Order in Council null and void

The United Kingdom Supreme Court, with the unanimous support of all Justices, declared the advice of Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament unlawful and declared the Queen’s Order in Council proroguing Parliament to be null and void. She further said that the Speaker’s of both Houses could immediately act to bring their respective Houses back into immediate session.

Not said openly by the Justices, but clearly implied was that the Queen’s Order in Council itself was unlawful and therefore the Queen committed an unlawful act, not mitigated by the fact that she received government advice to do it.

While the Queen is essentially immune to criminal and civil actions while she remains the Sovereign, this is clearly going to do a great deal of damage to the monarchy and strengthen the hands of those who wish to strip the Queen of all remaining prerogative powers.

The link in the OP contains text from the Opinion of the Court.

I don’t know much about their systems intricacies, but I don’t think this move will gain them much favor with the citizens.

Unless I’m wrong, I thought the queen was pretty well liked.

What has the decision got to do with QEII?

It is a damning indictment that Johnson as refused to resign.

While the Queen is generally personally well liked, quite a few political factions support reducing her powers.

SHE issued the Order in Council on his advice.

There is also a percentage of the UK population who think that the should be no monarchy.

However, the Supreme Court made it quite clear when the hearings were taking place that the decision has nothing to do with the merits or otherwise of Brexit.

Just on “general principle”?

Again, I might be wrong, but I thought she was pretty hands off when it came to governing.

By convention she accepted the advice of the PM. The Supreme Court found Johnson’s actions unlawful.

I am no fan of QEII. I don’t believe the SC’s decision will have any impact on her standing with the general population of the UK.

A soldier is bound to obey the orders of his superiors. However, he is ALSO bound NOT to obey an order to commit an illegal act. No soldier can plead that he was just obeying orders.

The same with the Queen. If she receives advice to commit an illegal act, it is not a defense that she was advised to do so.

Boris Johnson should have already resigned.

I’m more questioning on how the citizenry will take this slight to the queen, not worried about how it affects her popularity with them.

Basically I’m wondering if the citizens are going to be upset at the courts for doing this to what I think is a fairly well loved monarch.

As I said I am absolutely no fan of QEII. Personally, I think her only qualification was that she was the elder sister with no brothers. However, it was not up to her to determine whether Johnson’s actions were lawful. I would love to be able to be present the next time Johnson meets QEII.

What is dangerous is the pat that Johnson and his supporters are doing is to undermine the judicial standing in the community.

From what I have seen and read the UK is deeply divided over the Brexit referendum result. It has seen the downfall of two PMs and Johnson should be the third to go.

Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Farage et al don’t care the consequences of a hard Brexit. I will also point out that Johnson voted twice against the deal to leave the EU brokered by T May.

I personally don’t thing the SC’s decision will ave any impact on the standing of QEII.

Agreed. I don’t think it will affect her.

The Queen acted in good faith on the advice she was given by her PM.

The outrage is against Boris Johnson for using established political protocols to try and get round the will of Parliament.

There is no call from any significant majority that the queen is somehow to blame.

The monarchy is safe, it is Johnson and the conservative government that is in far more peril.

How can any Tory support Johnson remaining as PM? What has happened to Ministerial responsibility?

It is a 100% certainty that Boris Johnson will resign, possibly as soon as Parliament returns.

If he doesn’t, the votes exist to pass a no confidence motion, bringing him down anyway.

And most likely there will be a General Election before the end of the year, in which the Conservatives, in spite of it all, will likely end up with the most seats, primarily because the Labour Party are a bunch of hopeless ■■■■■■ bags. Their recent party conference vote to ban private schools if they come to power isn’t helping them at all.

Number 10 has said he won’t resign.

There won’t be a vote of no confidence moved by the Labour Party until there has been an official extension to the Brexit deadline.