UNION CONFUSION: White House Plans to Go Ahead with State of the Union Despite Pelosi | Sean Hannity

The White House is reportedly planning to hold the annual State of the Union address as previously planned; ignoring Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s insistence the speech be delayed due to the ongoing government shutdown.

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I think President Trump should just go to the House and have his state of the union address. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t own the peoples house she is just the speaker. I mean what can she do. If she wants to walk out along with the rest of the democrats then let her walk. That is what is called being Trmped.

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Sorry about the typo…Trumped

I feel President Trump should go ahead and give the State of Union address as usual. The State of the Union Address is for the American People.

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Nancy Pelosi should be ignored and the President should go ahead and give the State of the Union. We the people own the House and the Senate not Pelosi and the people want to hear the State of the Union.

The thing I’m concerned about is the democrat activists that will no doubt be yelling and disrupting President Trump. I’m afraid it might become a circus.

Wish he could have it somewhere else…somewhere like he gathers his rallies.
Just saying…

I think Trump should be sue the Seargent at Arms is ready to escort Democrats out of the speech if they become disruptive, or the President should have access to a noise cancelling microphone so they cannot boo him and disrupt the message. The Democrats should be free to walk out but should be arrested if they are disorderly or disruptive and sent to jail. Moderate booing or dressing in black bikinis and black thongs may be acceptable for the Democrats. Keep their image in line with their agenda. But Trump should nail them to the wall for starting a civil war, for example by them calling everybody racist. In 1860 there were 4 milllion black slaves and every one was owned by a Democrat, and not one by a Republican… Ulysses S. Grant was given a slave, but that was when he was a Democrat and he did not own a slave when he became a Republican. The KKK and segregation was primarily a Democratic National Convention plank. LBJ called them ■■■■■■■ and just signed the civil rights bill to get the votes of useful idiots. Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger said Black people reproduce like rats and abortion was a good way to slow the rats from breeding. To this day Democrats support Planned Parenthood and the murder of black children through medical doctors providing abortions to black women. Lowering taxes, debt, and spending helps the economy and thus black people hoping to escape poverty, but Democrats do just the opposite in their racist agenda… borrow, spend, tax, and even over regulate black people into poverty. Even Obama campaigned on an agenda that would cause the utility rates of black people to skyrocket. If anybody was racist it is Democrats, and now they are insanely promoting Caucasian racism… as if racism is only evil when it is abusing blacks and pandering to them as useful idiots to get their votes… The speech could go on forever about the danger the Democrats pose to America. But somehow we need to reunite as One Nation Under God and the Bible and Holiness, Morality, fiscal responsibility, and a strong military defence… and putting America first. It is perhaps too late, perhaps the Democrats have the power and chess pieces to destroy America and all hope is gone. But at least Trump could say the truth and we could enjoy the racist evil Democrats dragged kicking and screaming out of the halls of Congress and off to the hoosgow. Democrats are radicals now.