UNHAPPY MEALS: California Dems Urge BOYCOTT of Iconic BURGER CHAIN over Donations to GOP | Sean Hannity

The chairman of the California Democratic Party is urging liberal voters and left-wing supporters to boycott the region’s iconic In-N-Out burger chain after state filings showed the company donated thousands to the Republican party.

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I had to wait 1 hour and 10 minutes when the left tried to boycott Chick Filet and it will be the same with IN-N-Out another Christian business. It is amazing two great fast food companies minding their own business putting out great food and because they donate to republicans they get boycott by the hateful, stupid, crazy left. We do not boycott Hollywood, and the big tech companies but maybe we should think about it!

This negative blast actually will financially boost the business as a result of the HATEFUL lefts’ outrage.

Little liberal prog fascists, they just cannot tolerate it if anyone has a difference in political opinion.

We have another thread where the left is trashing a Republican Party committee member, who has made some racist comments. They don’t cause any harm, they are just words.

Here we have the chairman of the California Democratic Party, trying to destroy a business, for no other reason than the owners support the Republican Party.

So what is the more serious offense:

  1. some low level committee member making bigoted comments in a fit of anger, or

  2. The chairman of the California Democratic Party calling on the Democrats in her state to destroy a well established business which employs thousands on people in their state, including fellow Democrats.

Obviously it’s the person trying to destroy In-N-Out burger

I think the hate on the Democratic Party side is becoming so obvious, that even Democrat voters are starting to think enough is enough already.

Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans alike love In-N-Out - this will promote business for a great eatery we all have loved for years - Good eating everyone!

Free advertising!!! Increased business!

Boycotts are economic terrorism! Unless you’re mad at starbucks or keurig. Then it’s ok.

Yes, that totally explains why the number of registered Republicans is dropping and the number of registered Democrats is rising.