Unfrosted Seinfeld Netflix

Watched the Seinfeld adaptation of the birth of Pop Tarts on Netflix and would give it a good. 7 of 10.

There were some clever lines and laughs as one would expect with such a star filled cast. The cinematography was also very 60s and very good.

The weakness was the story itself. The end with Pop Tarts selling out over country squares felt rushed and anti climactic.

Overall it was OK…like a Seinfeld episode. Don’t expect too much.


No no no…Amy was pretty good in this movie. Whoever wrote in the 6 proof?? characters…Schwinn Carvelle Chef Boy R Dee Jack LaLaine etc…They messed up.

Perfect description

So much left on the table by the writers and the movie

I enjoyed it; a bit too silly for my taste though. Agree with 7/10.