Ukraine intel leader announces efforts to assassinate Putin

The leadership of the Ukrainian spy agency has officially announced that they are working to assassinate Putin.

The second in command of Ukrainian military intelligence says Kyiv’s spies are actively trying to kill Vladimir Putin—and the Russian leader is well aware of it. Vadym Skibitsky, the deputy head of Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate, made the admission in an interview with German publication Welt . . . Putin is number one “because he coordinates and decides what happens.”
Ukrainian Spy Boss Bluntly Admits Plan to Assassinate Putin

Meanwhile, reports US officials are saying that Ukraine was behind the recent Kremlin drone attack and assassinations of Russian commentators.

U.S. officials believe that Ukraine was likely behind the failed drone attack on the Kremlin earlier this month, along with a number of other killings and incursions on Russian territory, according to reports . . . Intelligence officials additionally believe Ukraine is behind the bombing that killed Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, incursions into Russian territory from pro-Ukrainian groups and the killing of Daria Dugina, the daughter of a Kremlin ally, last year.

Moscow says the drone attack was an assassination attempt against Putin that may result in retaliation:

. . . Moscow called the incident a “a pre-planned terrorist act” and an attempt on Putin’s life perpetrated by Kiev. The Kremlin vowed that Russia would retaliate to the raid “anywhere and anytime it deems necessary,” while senior lawmaker Vyacheslav Volodin called for the use of “weapons capable of stopping and destroying the Kiev terrorist regime.”
Kremlin responds to Ukrainian threat to kill Putin — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

I have seen no response from Zelensky or the White House about the announced plans to assassinate Putin. Failure to respond will amount to tacit approval.

Realize that the logic used to justify Putin’s assassination would apply equally to President Zelensky since he “coordinates and decides what happens”. The same is arguably true for President Biden and senior American leadership.

Should the US demand an end to Ukrainian attempts to assassinate Putin if Zelensky fails to respond?

The US has a history of using drones for assassination against targets in the Middle East. Is Washington really driving the assassination plots?

Are we ready for a war of assassination against a peer opponent in the age of drones and hypersonic missiles?


Probably shouldn’t announce stuff like that.


Yup. America assasinates enemy leaders. That is not a secret.

That would almost guarantee American intervention. Is Putin going to risk that?

How are we to know?

We’d better hope so.

it’s a trick to get Vlad to ride topless on a horse again…


Yes, US intel agencies have a long history of assassinations against perceived enemies that may have included a US president. Are they even under control of the White House any more?

If Zelensky attempts to stop the assassination program, would he become a target from Ukrainian intel services? Does that explain Zelensky’s silence and his world tour since the Kremlin attack?

The US has been using drone assassinations against people in the Middle East who can’t retaliate in kind. On the other hand, Russia can retaliate in kind against targets in Ukraine and elsewhere.

This program could easily escalate into WW3 between NATO and Russia. Is that the real objective?

Ha! +1

Not just intel agencies, but the military proper. Also, real enemies, not perceived.

Let’s keep the kookery out of it, shall we?


I don’t know



Always the same refrain from you.

Relations between Washington and Moscow are arguably worse than those during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Kennedy never used a proxy to announce efforts to assassinate Khrushchev. Western leaders never bragged about deceiving the Soviets in peace agreements.

The world has narrowly missed nuclear annihilation multiple times. Our luck may be running out.

This be cool tho. We can kill your leader but you can’t kill ours!

Unsubstantiated claims from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense have zero credibility. Do you have anything else to back up the claims?

Realize that Russia could have easily killed Zelensky using artillery or smart bombs or missiles against his offices and residence in Kyiv. The fact that western officials have continued to go to Kyiv for photo ops shows that Russia has not been interested in assassination. That may well change unless the US and Kyiv denounce the policy of assassination.

Well, we had a good run

True- Russia has been so thoughtful and careful in their war on Ukraine. I’m sure it didn’t even cross their mind to assassinate Zelensky. That would be beyond the pale for someone like Putin. Do you even believe what you post?



So there is no actual evidence to substantiate the claims from Kyiv.

Thank you for admitting that.

The Kremlin ordered hundreds of Russian mercenaries in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, The Times of London reported.

Between 2,000 and 4,000 mercenaries with the Wagner Group — a private army believed to be owned by the Putin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin — entered Ukraine through Belarus in January, The Times reported.

Some 400 of them were deployed to Kyiv, while others were sent to the pro-Kremlin regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, the newspaper reported.

Zelenskyy’s name tops the Wagner Group kill list of 23 senior Ukrainian figures that includes Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, The Times reported.

The Times of London has a history of repeating whatever crap comes out of propaganda factories in Kyiv.

I see nothing from the link to say where the Times got the alleged information.

Note that the story is from February 2022. Zelensky should be long dead by now if there were any truth in it.

Remember any suggestion that Ukraine’s state-sponsored assassinations make it a terrorist state or that the Russian invasion was not unprovoked will result in a three-year sentence in Germany.

NATO’s proxy war is about defending “freedom” and “democracy” so shut up and be a good German.

This should have been done at the get/go and not a word said. The mere fact that it’s being outwardly discussed, tells me it’s not going to happen and there’s a political agenda for it being said. The intent IMO is for strictly manipulative purposes.

Two possible factors in announcing the Ukrainian assassination project:

  1. Provoke a Russian response that can then be used as a pretext for more escalation from NATO.

  2. Provide a cover story if the US or Ukrainian intelligence decide to remove Zelensky if attempts to end the war without approval from Washington.

If the idea that the SBU (Ukrainian secret police) would assassinate a Ukrainian leader is hardly far-fetched, consider the strange case of Denis Kireev. He was a Ukrainian negotiator who was executed for “treason” by the SBU while reportedly working for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

  1. Traitors should be shot
  2. They are at war, the supreme commander of both sides is a legitimate target. Do you think we didn’t try to kill Hitler? Hito? Mussolini? Hussien? Do you think they didn’t try (or wouldn’t have given a chance) to kill FDR? Churchill? Bush?

Not really.

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