UK General Election Imminent

Thank God it doesn’t rely on them coherently articulating a political message, or they’d be ruined.

oh i don’t doubt it.

democrats love to do what the rest of the screwed up world does

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Honestly think I’d prefer that, if I had the choice. Our 24/7, 365 days per year political cycle is exhausting.


English political history is fascinating in my opinion. There’s some common ground between US political history and British political history (due to our politics being the children of the mother country and all that) but how it evolved is completely different.

As a whole I think US political history makes more sense and is easier to understand really. At least the overall outline is easier to understand. You’ve got the founding, then the Civil War and its immediate ■■■■ show aftermath, then the world wars, the Vietnam fiasco, the Reagan revolution of the 80s, and so on and so forth. But it’s easier to understand. Completely huge events that completely changed US political history in the aftermath. The British history is so much more nuanced by comparison. I mean yeah there was some huge changes like the World Wars but there was a lot of quiet changes before and after that that America didn’t really experience in the same way.

And at least there’s some continuity to British and American political history. Unlike with France where they completely nuked their political system every few decades and new generations were left picking up the pieces in the aftermath of each nuking. Or places like Germany that made some sense at first and then went completely off the rails at different times (Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany and then Nazi Germany). Or god forbid that historical ■■■■ show known as Russia.

Well the UK did have the advantage of not having something like slavery driving everyone insane like we did here in the states. US politics post 1820 were so defined by the slavery issue that it drove almost everyone to blow their own brains out.

Pretty much a winning strategy at this point.

Has any other western political party ■■■■■■ up so thoroughly as the Conservatives have in the UK since 2003?

Conservatives blew it they had all the power and didn’t do anything with it meaningful especially on stopping the migration from the third world.

May was a disaster I had higher hopes for Johnson but there was the scandal and the new guy is like a place holder. I have a special place in my heart like many Americans do for Britain unfortunately that ship seems to be sinking into a third rate power which is odd for us that have read our history books on the power and empire they once controlled.

I wish them the best but unfortunately see them sinking further into irrelevancy sort of like becoming Canada. I hope I am wrong.

A basic problem is that both major political parties have the same policies when it comes to anything of importance to the ruling elite. The British effectively have a version of the Uniparty.

Expect more war, more immigration, more stagflation, and more censorship if you complain too loudly regardless of who wins. The only real hope is that independents and minor parties may pick up seats.

Carry on.

Forgive me if I pay exactly zero attention to anything posted on rumble.

Here is the same video on state-approved youtube. Comes with more commercials!

Fair enough I will watch it on Youtube when I get chance. Personally I cannot stomach Rumble but thats my own opinion.

Old Simpsons parodies keep coming too close to reality.

“Don’t blame me I voted for Kodos.”


Sunak needs to get a better PR/ communications team. Day 2 of the election and he visits of all places the Titanic museum. By all accounts it was a total shambles of a visit and of course he was asked questions such as “are you captaining a sinking ship”

Rumors abound that Sunak will relocate to California is the tories lose. Probably why he went for a 07/04 date, nod and a wink to those who know him :wink::grinning:

They’ll never be irrelevant. They’ve got 215 nuclear weapons actively deployed. The British still lead the commonwealth, the world’s second largest membership group after the UN. They still maintain a blue water navy although I’ll admit that it’s not what it was in the Cold War. They’ve still got political clout around the world. London is still a huge financial center; it’s not quite New York City or Beijing but it’s still in the top ten world economic cities.

They’re just not a super power anymore. We took their spot after they literally bankrupted themselves fighting World War II. And after the war Labor said ■■■■■ the empire we are doing social welfare” so the empire withered and died in the first few decades after the 1940s. In terms of military, political, and social influence we took the spot they formerly occupied. They followed our lead after the war.

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Nigel Farage has now announced he is becoming leader of Reform and will stand as an MP for Clackton (full of chavs lol). Will this be 8th time lucky for Farage to become an MP?

Clever move as becoming leader of Reform he can campaign around the country for Reform and not just focus on Clackton.

Bad news for the Tories as it will carve off votes from their candidate and could lose another seat for them and end up with a win for wither labour or Reform.

I think if Farage wins and the Tories are wiped out, he is eyeing crossing the floor, becoming a Tory and then try for a run of leader of the Conservatives.

Current Prediction: Labour majority 320

Conservatives 66
Labour 485
Liberal Democrats 59
Reform 0
Green 2
SNP 17
PlaidC 3
Others 0
(Below are the 18 Northern Ireland seats)
SF 7
Alliance 1

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Not sure who is advising Sunak but leaving the D Day commemoration events early to give a TV interview is a huge own goal.

On the flip side getting a bit tired of Starmer telling us at every opportunity he is the Son of a toolmaker.

Look specifically at the two converging blue lines.

Tories darker blue. Reform lighter blue.

Reform is surging, almost entirely at the Tory’s expense.

While Labour has lost some ground on the most recent polls (to be expected with campaigning in full swing), it basically does the Tories no good. Ultimately, it is Reform that will deliver the proverbial “finishing shot” to the Tories in this election.

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Conservative and Labour effectively act as a uniparty. Any disputes between the two of parties are mainly just for show, sort of like professional wrestling. They work together to enforce orthodoxy by purging candidates.

Getting Conservatives to crash would actually reduce the distractions and force Labour to keep its promises. It could also open up opportunities for other parties. There is an interesting discussion starting at 6:00.

LMAO man of the people. He is being rightly ridiculed for this comment.