UK experts: COVID is likely to evolve into a cold virus by next spring

Good news from the UK:

The prediction is hardly surprising since several human coronaviruses already exist, and their infections give cold symptoms. Back in 2020, studies showed that about half of the population have t-cell immunity against COVID. That immunity implies that SARS or another earlier SARS-like virus may have evolved into a human cold virus that provides substantial immunity against COVID. Here is some background:

. . . a study of donor blood specimens obtained in the US between 2015 and 2018, 50% displayed various forms of T cell reactivity to SARS-CoV-2.
Covid-19: Do many people have pre-existing immunity? | The BMJ

If the prediction holds, I expect politicians will claim that their policies are responsible for the end to COVID even if natural evolution is the real cause.

I also expect that the true scope of vaccine-related injuries will only become apparent once the virus is no longer a serious threat. Until then any evidence that shows that COVID vaccines have dangerous side effects will be treated as a state secret. Expect of flood of personal stories about deaths and injuries from vaccines once the threat has passed.

Will CNN’s narrative switch from “unvaccinated people deserve to die” to “the large number of vaccine-related injuries are all Trump’s fault”?


First India, now the UK.

Dominoes are falling. Better yell harder on those leftwing soapboxes before it’s too late to shame anyone. lol


How much vaccine injury do you predict?

Yes, I expect stories about people who have suffered long-term injuries as a result of government-mandated vaccinations for a virus is just another cold.

This scenario could be a disaster for Democrats in the 2022 election.

What kind of distraction will they and their allies create to distract voters?

Their tactic right now is to make enemies out of neighbors.

It’s working. :wink:


How many do you need if the threat from COVID evaporates?

In 1976, the swine flu vaccine program was halted after a handful of deaths were reported after vaccinations. Media labeled it “swine flu snafu” and it was a factor in the presidential election.

The number of reported deaths in the VAERS database was nearly 15000 as of mid-September.

There is a story with every report, but reporting has been repressed and censored since it does not support the forced-vaccination narrative.

Ah… the VEARS thing.

Groundhog day.


Deflecting from the end of the crisis. Tsk, tsk.


Where is the database for unvaccinated people who vocally oppose mandates and then die after testing positive for COVID? Somehow CNN finds them, and they are the only deaths they bother to mention.

The VAERS database is not intended to provide absolute proof, only to raise flags. There are 70 reported deaths each day. There are no shortage of stories.

Realize with the possible exception of someone dropping dead from anaphylactic shock within minutes of vaccination, the assumption is that any deaths after vaccination are merely coincidences. Real evidence that vaccines are the cause only comes from statistical analysis and a careful review of the cases.

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Those VAERS numbers do not state the # of deaths FROM this vaccine.

Notice the word “unverified”?

“The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database contains information on unverified reports of adverse events (illnesses, health problems and/or symptoms) following immunization with US-licensed vaccines. Reports are accepted from anyone and can be submitted electronically at”

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Right. Likewise the COVID death counts do not guarantee that some died from COVID, only died while testing positive or died with symptoms consistent with COVID. 94% of reported deaths had another condition that is potentially fatal.


Seriously… Groundhog day


CONTRIBUTING CONDITIONS, yes. It’s been known that co-morbidity has been a factor in COVID-19 deaths. My friend had late stage cancer. He was certainly going to die from his cancer, but contracted COVID-19 and died within days. He might have lived for a few more months, but it was COVID-19 that caused his life to end so quickly.

Yes, or he may have died at the same time even without COVID. There is no way to say for sure.

I frequently see figures like “smoking kills so many” or “obesity kills so many” or “heart disease kills so many” or “cancer kills so many”. What happens when an overweight smoker with lung cancer dies with a heart attack?

Is his death counted four times?

I expect that reported deaths from cancer and heart disease dropped during the COVID epidemic based on this kind of logic.


That’s great news. I’m going to spend some time looking at the science. I hope you are right about this…and that the UK is right. I kinda feel that’s the way it plays out. But that’s just my feeling.

So those of us who took voluntary vaccines have nothing to worry about…just those government mandated ones? And it’s not just another cold. It may be one day…and may be soon. But it is not just another cold virus now.

When are you guys going to stop putting validation into the VAERS numbers. There is absolutely no control of the reporting. I could go there now and report you died from the Vax and there is no check on who I am or the validity of what I reported.


Yes, it is good news for the world if predictions prove true.

On the other hand, the politics for those who have pushed force vaccinations could get ugly very fast. There will be millions of people who feel personally violated if they were forced to get a vaccination for a disease that has turned into a cold. Likewise people who were fired from their jobs or received court marshal from the military to avoid the vaccination will be justifiably angry.

Most of all people who were injured after forced vaccination will be surprised to find out that they cannot sue the vaccine manufacture or the government for the damages. The average workers are left holding the bag. The only vaccine-related guarantees are for immunity from liability for Big Pharma and for government officials.

Did you vaccinate?

I did because my job is high risk. I did because my wife can’t get sick. She has 1 functioning lung. Can’t risk it.

My son also got vaccinated and 12 hours after he got Afib. His heart was out of rhythm for about 36 hours and with the help of some medicine he has been fine since. Got second shot and no issue.

I know about 300 people who have been vaccinated…my son and one other person are the only ones who had anything outside of expected side effects.

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Sure did seem like nothing more than a cold to the hundreds of millions of asymptomatic folks.