Uh Oh. Democrat Liability Bankman Arrested

Fair enough. I was sure i read something yesterday about him cursing out regulators. I think he tweeted it too when the bankruptcy happened. So i was just confused

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Not sure how a government regulated currency to which the input and output is dollars is any different than just government currency…i.e. dollars.
Not sure how unregulated crypto is anything but play money.
If you don’t like your wealth in money, buy assets.

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It is a common misconception.

it’s all a big sick corrupt game

I see they’re getting ready to extradited one of (other than George Soros and drug cartels) democrats top campaign donors to the states.


probably just to get him in the confiest safest “prison”

if people really knew ….

eh they still wouldnt care. theyre all just stupid enough to keep democrats in their plush palaces like the mindless toolbags they are

Latest update:
Sam Bankman-Fried wants his money back

FTX Asks Politicians Who Received Bankman-Fried Donations to Return Money
FTX Asks Politicians Who Received Sam Bankman-Fried Donations to Return Money

surprised this thread wasn’t updated


faces 110 years

Happy Days! :hugs:

Another surprise development…complete repayment of all FTX customer accounts.

Guess that crypto wasn’t such a bad deal after all.