U.S State Deparment instruct all civilian American to leave Iraq

U.S State Department has instruct All American civilians to leave the country by any means.

Wouldn’t have to tell me twice.

Same here. That place is turning into yet another â– â– â– â–  show.

I wouldn’t be there if the first place.

Hey…thanks DICK.

So what? You have a thought on this?

Canada told everyone the same thing in October 2019.

Its like we are one.


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Until the Iranian people get out from under the Mad Moolahs iron fist or the Shia-Sunni blood feud stops? That sandbox over there will just be one â– â– â– â–  show after another.

I thought the airstrike was supposed to save American lives, not put more of them in danger.

With the current situation, would you rather they stay and become hostages?

I can see the count of days before Nov election.

Day 326 and 43 Americans still hold hostage by Iran.

Libs will be making posts/threads every day her of that count.

CNN would doing and otehr left-wing outlets will be doing what Walter Cronkite did with count down and end of their nightly news.

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What in the world does this even mean? Who become hostages? The marines guarding the embassy now?

It means, the OP is questioning the advice that US civilians leave Iran.

The question was simple: With the current situation, would you rather they stay and become hostages?

Or do you think that if things escalate US citizens should just stay there and hope for the best?

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My apologies. I misunderstood your post. I agree, Americans should evacuate as quickly as possible.

I wondered what was so difficult to understand about that question. I thought it was rather straight forward myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Frankly, I wouldn’t be there even without this escalation. That’s just common sense.

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Upon a second reading it was. I just punted my comprehension of it into the bleachers. :man_facepalming:

Indeed. Same here.

Meh, it happens. I even went back to read my post because I thought maybe I messed it up. :wink:

This whole situation has everyone on edge.

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