U.S Government spent 13.6 million on hiring two border officers

under Trump the U.S award a 297 million hiring contract to a outside company to fill 7500 position… that company has spent 13.6 million and only hired two people :laughing:

The Trump administration paid an astonishing $13.6 million to an outside contractor this year to increase border protection staffing, but that effort has resulted in only two new job offers, according to a scathing report by a federal watchdog that called for “immediate” action to rectify “serious performance issues.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection granted Accenture Federal Services — a subsidiary of the global Accenture consulting company headquartered in the tax haven of Dublin — a $297 million contract last year to boost staffing by thousands in the wake of President Donald Trump’s crackdown on the border and immigration.

The company is “nowhere near satisfying its 7,500-person hiring goal over the next 5 years,” declared the report, which was released last week by the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security. “Further, CBP has used significant staffing and resources to help Accenture do the job for which it was contracted. As such, we are concerned that CBP may have paid Accenture for services and tools not provided.”

*CORRECTION : This article previously referred to Accenture inaccurately as a “private company”; it is publicly traded. Language has also been amended to reflect that the report does not specify whether the two accepted job offers were for the role of border agent.

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That makes it all better.

Speed is fine. Accuracy is final. Wyatt Earp

The contract, as written, is $297,000,000 to fill 7,500 jobs.

Thats $39,600 per new hire.

Even if competently executed, that’s a dumb contract.

And the company is out of Dublin. What happened to “buy American”?

So much winning, draining the swamp!

What the article is intentionally leaving out is that these two new border officers were given cybernetic upgrades, just like Steve Austin. They might be expensive, but they’re worth every penny spent. This is why I don’t trust the phony fake news media corporation empire.


So we paid this company $13 million to recruit 1000s of border patrol agents, and they maybe got 2? And they used government staff and resources?

Why in the hell don’t we have thousands of additional Border Patrol agents, this is something already budgeted, instead we throw away $13 million for nothing.

Buy American was a ruse for trump…

Agreed. Could have used it to raise the salaries. They need to sort this out and somebody needs to lose their job.

Ireland has a 12.5% corporate tax rate so many companies moved their HQ’s there, hence the double Irish. They’re not actually Irish companies, nor are they really based in Ireland, it’s just tax evasion.

But much to the surprise of the Irish the companies didn’t want to cough up 12.5% so they found ways to lower that too. Effective rate is often less than 5%, Apple famously paid 0.005% on over 100 billion in profits.

Accenture overstated the readiness of its technology in its bid.

CBP didn’t do a good job reducing fees per hire in the contract mod.

Not surprising!

It’s business as usual. Our Govt trips over a $100 bill to pick up a quarter

Regarding border security, the Trump administration is abjectly failing at hiring 7500 new border agents, and wasting money not doing it.

This is money already budgeted, and his administration can’t get it done. And is wasting money not getting it done.

7500 additional border agents. How is NOT getting those positions filled helping with border security?

And yet you think this administration can get a wall built?

You see…“we” should have used that money to build a wall. This is the same kind of bull feces I’ve observed for decades. Build the wall and remove as much as possible…having to depend on the government.

The wall will need to be staffed and maintained. Trump administration can’t even get 7500 Border Patrol agents hired.