U.S. District Court Judge Josh Kindred's resignation raises some serious questions

Kindred was appointed to the District of Alaska in 2020 by President Trump. Just four years later at age 47, he abruptly resigned. He was under investigation by the Judiciary and it must have been a serious matter for him to view resignation as the only way out. By resigning, he ends the investigation, though it could be picked up by the FBI if the Judiciary chooses to refer it.

It will be very interesting to see what develops out of this. He was screwing a former clerk who later went to the United States Attorney’s Office, so I suspect some sort of conflict of interest or favoritism. But whatever the details, it clearly was very serious if he felt he had to resign to put a lid on the investigation.

If only he was a woman of color, he could’ve just slept his way into the White House if he wanted to. :rofl:


Guess Dr Jill will nominate Fanni Willis to replace Josh


Or just cry racism!


Even more serious than it first appeared.

Kindred was basically told to resign immediately or the Judicial Council would refer his case for impeachment. Besides sexual misconduct, he lied to investigators.

Very good chances he will face criminal charges in this matter for false statements.

Because much of the misconduct involved prosecutors who appeared in his courtroom, it could result in literally hundreds of vacated criminal verdicts.

Oh no, man, people control yourselves at work Good Lord.

They basically said the guy had no filter.

hostile work environment.

just terrible.


imagine going to work everyday with that scum.


He was a piker compared to Merchan funneling millions to his daughter.

Work is no place to play romeo.

This does show a nice contrast to sweet Fanni who still gets to work.

Was this thread supposed to show the political bias on full display in the federal judiciary?

It certainly isn’t a swipe at Trump.


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trump appointed a lot of honorable judges. this scum was an outlier.

has NOTHING to do with who appointed him.

not everything is political.

workplace hostility occurs everywhere among every political demographic.

needs to be rooted out and destroyed.


Like GA did with Fanni?

there was no workplace hostility with Fanni’s situation.

apples and oranges.


It was all just GA peachy.


Timpson testified that she had tried to address these issues internally before filing a whistleblower complaint, but was met with hostility and retaliation from Willis and her staff. Timpson has a pending lawsuit in state court against Willis on allegations of wrongful termination.


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“A lawsuit filed by Timpson against Willis has been dismissed in federal court.”


Just peachy.

Fun place to work.


It is not.

If I was actually to take a political swipe in this matter, it would NOT be at Trump.

It would be at Senators Murkowski and Sullivan for not digging a little deeper in vetting this guy when they recommended him to Trump.

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