Typo in new announcement/header

There is a typo in the header, announcement, not sure what to call it.

“Whether you are new to politics or a seasoned veteran, it is the hope of the moderator staff that you not only enjoy your time here on the forums, but that you learn more about the foundation of our Republican form of government, as well as the day-to-day activities in Washington and the respective state”.

That should read small r republican form of government.

Not a typo if it was done intentionally.

It’s not “new” but I’m not surprised you don’t recognize it. :grinning:

First time it started appearing for me was a couple of days ago but I haven’t been logging on from home and use a different browser.

So are we going with the Conservapedia version to arrive at “An (my addition: mis-) informed citizenry is a citizenry that is better equipped to safeguard the freedom and liberty of the Republic”? .

We’re going with the rendition that SirCharlieBrown typed up years ago. I’m saddened by your disapproval.