Two more UK citizens poisoned with Novichok

And so it goes on. Looks like more collateral damage from the Russian assassination attempt on a former agent from a while back.

Manafort is next. Luckily he is in protective custody

Besides the common nerve agent, what else is in common? The article made it sound like they were the average Joe and Jane?

I think it’s a safe bet that these weren’t targets, just got unlucky and came into contact with some leftover nerve agent.

That’s partly why using chemical/biological weapons in this fashion is so frowned upon. It’s indiscriminate and often unpredictable.

I remember him being a very goof tight end for the Cowboys in the early 90s.

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Two other possibilities:

  • They’re not as innocent as they seem. Witness protection, sleeper agents
  • Russian plot to oviscape the source of the nerve agent.

It is also likely that people outside the Russian government have can produce or have access to Soviet stockpiles of Novichok. In addition, it appears that Novichok refers to a several different chemicals, and the exact compositions are classified. Therefore there is no way to independently check the UK’s identification of Novichok.

For example alternate sources, here is a link to a New York Times article from 1999 about efforts to recover tons of Novichok from Soviet stockpiles left in the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan:

There are also reports that a Russian chemical weapons expert was attempting to sell the technology in Syria. There is speculation that the Mossad had him killed:

The delivery mechanism has been found. That was a big ■■■■■■ by the assassins.

This has not been a banner year for the SVR (I’m guessing the wet work department they called SMERSH during WW2). First the Ukrainians faked the murder of that journalist to roll up their whole network in country and now this.

No wonder the GOP Congress people are calling g for an end to sanction

Quite unfortunate

Good point.

Vlad isn’t worrying. He has the pee pee video and Trump will put the Brits in their place.