Twitter locking trump account. May be banned!

Breaking news! I agree completely. He’s fanning the flame falsely.

I don’t. I think the evidence should be allowed to pile up to be used against him when he leaves office.

He repeatedly called for peace almost immediately after reports of people breaching the building.

I believe there are plenty of evidence tweets already. His tweets are getting out of hand.


Almost immediately

Adjectives are fun

I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth my time to draw a timeline for today’s event. Showing you when trump actually call for peace. But I think it will be in vain.

No justice, no peace is what I have heard before.

How can there be any semblance of justice until there is a full audit of the obviously flawed election results?

Trump to his credit has called for peace. Here is his last tweet:

It was lame just like him. While still SAYING they stole our election.

It’s only “flawed” because your guy lost. BIGLY!

Then there should be no problem with a complete audit.

Why were they even going to the capitol? Didn’t trump tell them to go home?

Trump lawyers investigated for 60 days and lost 60 court cases. There is no fraud to find. Trump lost end of story.

Yes there is a problem. You keep moving goalposts. Multiple recounts already done. After audit fail, you’ll ask for something else.

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I’m tired of lies, but you can post as many as you’d like.

There is nothing you can post which will demonstrate Trump calling on people to break into the Capitol, cause violence or destruction.

Only corrupt liberal media susceptible idiots believe he did.

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They did steal the election.

The Kraken will save Dumpster any day now. :roll_eyes:


Ok I give in. They did steal the election. It was for good reason. Now Biden will still be president. Dem will still control both chambers.