Twitter bans 1500 NPC accounts

An NPC was originally a gaming term for non-playable character, now it used to describe people in media and elsewhere who seem programmed and can’t do any thinking on their own. Like when the media all says the exact same phrase over and over. We’ve all seen those montages.

" Like “snowflakes”, “cucks” or “■■■■■■■■”, “NPC” has become a popular insult for criticizing Democrats and other left-leaning web users, accusing them of being unable to think for themselves, parroting orthodoxies of inclusivity rather than challenging mainstream assumptions."

When liberals take exception and accuse the trolls of dehumanising them, their taunters simply hit back by saying they have no sense of humour, therein proving the validity of their initial witty barb.

" The criticism may be crude, but it could also be argued well-worn insults about President Trump being “orange” or laughing at his family changing their surname from “Drumpf” — as encouraged by satirist [John Oliver]— are similarly lacking in originality."

Here’s video showing the media chanting like an NPC over the dangers of social media. All you tube warning apply, although I don’t remember anything bad in the video. Pretty funny…

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4chan is bleeding again

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My NPCs tend to be better people than Trump supporters. And I run Call of Cthulhu so half of them are insane Cultists worshipping an Octopus Dragon.

I wish I could find a video from Tucker Carlsons’ show showing leftist protesters during Kavanaugh hearing chanting back their instructions to the leader like NPC’s… It was monotone and odd…

Calling a lib an NPC will soon be a TOS violation.

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are you familiar with the history of the video of the “media chanting like NPC”; who wrote it and required their station group to air it?

You know that was forced on the anchors by Conservative TV Maginate Sinclair right? And that they were chanting Trumpian Fake News talking points?

I’m beginning to suspect you worship the Octopus Dragon.

And rightfully so. The clucks of the alt-right and red pillers are better left for appropriate venues like 4chan, /r/the_donald, etc.

No, this was Kavnaugh protesters chanting back their instructions from their leader.

did it sound like this:

no, it was dull and monotone… Real creepy.

Can any Democrat think for themselves? lol.

Yes, their evil Communist leadership…lol!