Twitter and other PACS should be delisted from stock exchange

I absolutely do not support Chairman Trump’s crackdown on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park, and I remain disgusted by his private-life treatment of women.

That said, it is telling that Twitter etc.

  • allowed Nancy Pelosi’s tweet calling the 2916 election a fraud
  • Allow the Iranian Ayatollah to have an account,
  • Allow Louis Farrakhan to have an account
  • Allow Chinese propagandists to have accounts
    and then ban President in Trump’s account.

Any Political Action Committee and/or advocacy group that pretends to be something else to enrich it’s founders by fraudulently claiming to be a tech company should be forcibly delisted from all US stock exchanges.

Maybe the Iranian or Chinese stock exchanges allow such fraud, but the SEC should not.


Twitter silent after Pelosi tweet declaring 2016 election was ‘hijacked’ resurfaces
Twitter silent after Pelosi tweet declaring 2016 election was 'hijacked' resurfaces | Fox News

You should be asking if the Ayatollah, or Farrakhan, or “Chinese Propagandists”, or Nancy Pelosi are breaking Twitters terms-of-service. If so, then yes, they should face punishment.

Trump was removed from Twitter because they viewed his posts as inciting violence and possibly inciting more violence prior to the riot at the Capitol.

You might want to check out section 501 of the tax code and see what a PAC actually is.

We’re going to be hearing Communist China a lot over the next 4 years I predict. Even if our policy towards them doesn’t change much.

Chairman Trump? Am I missing something?

Twitter is full of ■■■■■

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