Twelve scientist who question the response of governments to Covid19

Also, if you look at the actual case reports…the numbers are simply driven by the amount of people who tested positive for Coronavirus and lab results. These numbers speak nothing of how sick the patients were that were tested…nor does it even mean that these people had to come to the hospital at all.

Is one of the Articles points out in most of the world only those who are already sick or suspected to be carriers were tested.

This was due to Limited testing resources in most countries.

Yeah, what the high number of cases in America is going to reveal is that you are more likely to get tested when having mild or no symptoms in America than you are in other countries. The main thing to focus on for now will be how many people become seriously ill or die.

They’ll probably have to do antibody samples of the population afterwards to get a true sense of exactly how many people caught the virus as the majority of people who got it would have been either asymptomatic or only have had mild symptoms and didn’t go for testing.

We should have done that from the beginning instead of blowing up the world’s economy worse since I don’t know well prior to World War II anyway over a disease that in the end probably isn’t going to have a mortality rate higher than the H1 in one flew if it does it probably won’t be much higher.

If we could just stuck to normal flu protocols and protected those that are at highest risk we could have kept the economy swimming along avoided Global panic and avoided scaring the hell out of six billion people for really no good reason at all.

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Not if globalist dupes in state and city administration’s stop discrediting and blocking doctors’ use off-label of substances proving effective anecdotally in their foolish misguided and doomed efforts to make this worse in order to oust Trump.

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Going to be pretty difficult to treat it like a regular flu season when the hospitals were going to get stretched beyond capacity.

They wouldn’t have been stretched Beyond capacity if we head cut off all non-essential travel from China and the other affected countries early and simply protected most vulnerable from the beginning

That of course along with proper quarantine of us Nationals being returned from those countries.

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You must not watch a lot of international news. Not everything is conspiracy to get Trump. Other countries are taking actions just as drastic, if not more so.

Not if treatment with the anecdotally successful antimalarials is made widely available.

Sounds like something the President would/should be in charge of.

It’s a globalist versus populist-nationalist war playing out. Globalists have their fingers in lots of countries fighting growing populist nationalist movements, of which Trump’s is perhaps the greatest threat.

Its not just anecdotal anymore Paul, there are now two very good study showing that the anti-malarials are working extraordinary really unbelievably well particularly in combination with drugs like Zithromax.

So your argument is to give people drugs that are not yet proven to be effective?

So your position now is that Trump should have ignored the "experts"and enacted something similar to what I’m suggesting?

you’re the one who put them there, not me.

90% of those tested test negative. Of those who test positive 20% require hospitalization and of those 1.5% die.

Consider NY had tested about 300k that would mean about 30K cases and 6K hospitalized. using your numbers (total positives) 1.5% would mean 4500 dead in NY (when cases = 30K) using the hospitalized metric more like 90 or so. Which number is closer to the reality at 30K cases?

We’re talking about drugs that have been proven safe for 70 years.

We’re also talking about drugs showing all but a miraculous cure and two very well controlled studies now Plus in treating thousands of patients worldwide anecdotally.

Yeah this is a global emergency and certainly a National Emergency which warrants the proper use of those drugs under supervision.

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I agree that the virus should have been contained earlier. Since we’re playing catch up, all choices are kind of ugly.

You stated that the death rate is based on hospitalization… this is false, it’s based on confirmed cases… at least in the US. If another country only tests people who go to the hospital or who are showing strong symptoms when they go to the hospital, it would of course have a higher death rate.