Turkey Launches Offensive in Northern Syria after Trump decides to pull US Troops

I fear this is not good for anyone.

I wonder if Trump will punish Turkey economically like he claimed.

We should totally send troops in to police the area. lol

Allies are so 2016.

Murica’ first!

One would think we could use diplomacy with a NATO member to prevent them from attacking an ally, but Trump has other “priorities”.

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Diplomacy! Get grip son Diplomacy is for lady men not real men Now go out and buy a bucket of KFC and rethink your post

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Like not risking any more US Military Personnel lives?
The Prez has stated if the Turks make a move on the Kurds, they will suffer economic repercussions. Mmkay, ball is in Err-doh-wan’s court.

Yeah, there’s the incipient genocide.

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America doesn’t have Allies in the world. America has people who want handouts from the U.S. Those Kurds took lots of our money in order to fight their little war. Does that make them friends of the U.S.? If they were our friends they wouldn’t care if we turned off the money flow. Friends don’t stop being friends because one friend stops paying for everything. What have the Kurds ever done for us? They fought a war against ISIS, but that was kind of in their backyard anyways so it was kind of more of their problem than ours. If the Turks say the Kurds are terrorists, maybe we shouldn’t be giving them so much money anyways.


He is literally stepping aside so they can “make a move”, that is the whole purpose, attacking Kurds in in northern Syria… His vague statement about “off limits”, whatever that means, will be exposed shortly.

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I have a feeling this is going to get ugly, fast.

If Trump were a man of his words, he would have a presser at 11 am this morning, declaring Turkey’s actions as unacceptable and make his case for whatever economic sanctions will immediatly be imposed.

Or he will rage tweet about being the most victimliest president ever.

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Donald has promised to “obliterate” Turkey’s economy if they do anything “untoward.” He’s done it before!

The Kurds are safe as kittens. Thanks, Donald!


Literally created a crisis for nothing…

Thanks trump voters…

what crisis?

There is so much wrong here I dont know where to begin

Sort of a Poe post, mate. Fairly good one, though.



We do it in Yemen.

Shall we pull out of there too?

We made the Kurds dismantle their defenses on the promise we’d protect them from Turkey. We are awful.


Depends on our foreign policy, and what’s worth fighting over. Those French and British borders aren’t going to last forever.