Trumpus MAGA's Katrina Undoing Undone

The NINO media (Name In News Only) with their mind slaves, the left, sprang hatched their nefarious illegal immigration ploy, loosed Auntie Maxine mouth cannon on the nation, and predicted DOOM for the battered president.

In the meantime his approval rating climbed to 44% and his disapproval rating fell to 51%.

True, 100% of the nation doesn’t love him but he continues to trend a point or two up each week IN SPITE of all he animal noises of the left. The horangutans keep up their hoot and jeers and Trump and the nation keeps WINNING.

Fake newswers alternate between despair and wetting their panties. The reek in this global weather change hot summer is outrageous!

You do understand that there are a lot of different polling organizations and the best use of them is to take an aggregate average, which has kept Trump solidly right around 42/43% approval pretty much all year right?

Not even going to look. It wouldn’t be Rasmussen that has him @ 44, would it?

That’s the point…consistently at the same acceptable historical number. That is NOT what the Katrina left has slaved diligently for. Not what they hoped and predicted after their latest salvos. Thanks for making the point!

Nixon left office corrupt, shamed, and broken. At almost 30% approval. Some people will never ever accept that they threw their chips in with the wrong guy. Our “goal” is for the truth to be revealed and has nothing to do with approval polls.

With a decent economy (for now), Trump is rocking a solid 5 points behind Obama and Clinton at this same point in their presidencies. Congratulations.

At a similar point in time Obama and Clinton didn’t have all but a dozen news people in the whole wide world OUT FOR HIS BLOOD, whatever the cost, whatever the Alinsky lies, the means justifying the ends. Plus 50% of his country nearly up in arms. Trump keeps WINNING despite the forces of hellspawn trying to take him down unjustly. I could go on.

You’re funny.