Trumps trade war didnt help at all

according to the wall street journal.
the trade deficit is at a record high.
companies simply shifted production from china to Vietnam, Mexico, and other countries. Since the pandemic, China’s trade deficit is back to where it was at the start of the Trump administration.

not surprising in the least. all his trade war did was cost americans money in the form of higher prices

It is not like all of this wasn’t completely predictable either.

The US has become another one of Trump’s casinos.

The data in the link backs up what I’ve seen anecdotally. I thought my customer base would domesticate much of their supply chain after the Initial Covid disruptions and a lot of them talked about it. Very few actually did, interest in Mexico in Mexico Is very high, Singapore is getting a lot of play, and Taiwan specifically for injection molding. So US companies are interested in diversifying from China but to bring their manufacturing back to the US.

For the record most of what I do is US based, probably 80/20. Offshoring is relatively new to me.

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So…it’s not China now is it?

Funny how libs realize the truth after repeating a lie often…congrats.

Oh BTW…after this year the trade deficit with China will be around 2010 levels.

And if you start at first of year…same period our global trade deficit is down about 12 billion dollars as of Aug.

And global trade deficit last year was down 18 billion from year earlier.

But nice try…


When you’re chopping down a tree…every chop is a waste according to lib logic, except the last one…amirite? :sunglasses:

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GDP cratering might have something to do with that.

Who knew electing a failed egotistical businessman would also run our country into the ground? At least we got some judges? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Hey, you’re holding the ax BACKWARDS!! That’s your own hand you’re cutting open.


Lemme tell ya bout my coooool chainsaw. :sunglasses:

Chopping a tree with a chainsaw? :man_shrugging: Doesn’t sound safe to me… :wink:


So…fact remain the OP is wrong.

And…that doesn’t say anything about 2019 global trade deficit was lower then 2018 deficit.

It wasn’t like GDP growth was skyrocketing before the plague year.

But because the GDP of the nation has cratered… but trade deficits are down… so Mission Accomplished… I guess.

Don’t hurt yourself moving that goalpost.