Trump's tax cut economics a worthless exercise, GOP Congressman admits

Well, what some of us knew from the beginning a Republican Congressman has finally admitted. The goper tax cuts won’t pay for themselves. More evidence the trickle down/Reaganomics theory has never worked. The best way to help the economy has always been to start at the bottom of the ladder, not the top. That’s why the economy was so good in the years when unions had more influence. The middle class had better salaries and more money to spend. These worthless Trump admin. tax cuts for their buddies is only more proof the trickle down theory is meaningless. When will people learn? We need to get rid of this ghastly mistake of a presidency through elections or other means.


Gee, why I’m I not surprised?


The tax cuts have accomplished what they were meant to. Permanent corporate tax cuts.

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A perfect case study would be Kansas. The state was supposed to be swimming in cash, but turned into an economic ■■■■ show instead.


Unfortunately, that was the gopers’ intentions. Hopefully someday that can be reversed.

Probably not without 60 votes in the senate. Even though the original law was not “deficit neutral” like the 50 vote law requires.

But I don’t know how that works anymore.

Hiden behind twitter, behind a paywall for whapost, is “It’s too early to tell” not “they won’t pay for themselves.”

“But sign so far are encouraging!”


No, it’s not too early to tell. The tax cuts will never pay for themselves, because math. The extent of tax cuts would require sustained 5% gdp growth. It’s fantasy land bull ■■■■■


I read an article regarding this not too long ago. Brownback and the flood of tea party folks into the state house destroyed the economy and job growth. The focus however was its impact on Education to the point that some high schools had to cut football despite the sport being huge in Kansas.

Reading the article I came away with this summary.

“In ten years we will see if this thing that has never worked will actually work this time… even though it has never worked before like ever”.


And here’s an article from last year that says distinctly that strong unions help with the problem of income equality.

One point in the article:

While the scholars can’t pinpoint the precise mechanism at work, they speculate that unions have indirectly increased pay at firms nervous that their own employees might organize. Unions have also lobbied for higher minimum wages and pushed to hold down executive salaries. They have also advocated for broader access to health care, countering a key channel through which income inequality can harm all of society.

I am proudly a Union laborer.

I make a solid blue collar middle class income in NYC.


We don’t have to wait ten years.

We can do it right now.

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I was one for the 35 plus years I was in newspapers. And for a couple of years, I was a Union board member. That was interesting, I will say. But I really miss my union membership now. My wife and son still are and the union has helped them in many ways. Makes that union dues deduction a huge bargain.

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Sooo your saying there is a chance…


The tax cut worked in part already. Trumps tax cut plan is capitalist sort of distribution. You cut the taxes for the corporations and they rise the wages and give bonuses.

You totally ignore that the GOP claimed last year during the electoral campaign that they will introduce a 2nd bill of tax cuts if they will be re-elected, keeping the majority in the House, which would have the aim to relieve much more the employees. But that was missed by most of the voters because of the permanent noise “Russia, Russia, Russia” “Orange man bad” and so on

Kevin Brady didn’t admit the tax cuts were a worthless exercise. That is something you simply made up.

So much for #factsmatter.

Unfortunately that was false.

Most Dem House Reps ran on healthcare and jobs.

And yet here we are with endless investigations and talk of impeachment. So much for keeping their promise to the voters. But that’s ok. Republicans will win them back in 2020.

I dont talk about the Dems, but about GOP.
I dont know if they really passed that package of bills, but it was their intention 2 months before the Midterms