Trumps Success and Failures - Lets Flip It Around

It’s unfortunate, but he’s now part of the swamp. I knew based off the folks he was putting in cabinet positions and other high ranking positions that not only was he not going to drain the so-called swamp (I hate when folks called DC that even though it’s true geographically and politically…sigh my home town), it would become a full blown deluge.

The reason is that most lawmakers have no desire to touch this issue in any meaningful way. Many of the forces on the left and the pro-open borders crowd will cry racism until the cows come home. No lawmakers want to be bombarded with that.

You are right. I shouldn’t do anything in the morning before coffee. My bad.

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I oppose Trump but…

Even though the overall goal is remain to be seen, I have to give Trump props for continuing the HBCU initiative and adding more funding to HBCU’s. As a proud graduate of an HBCU(twice, BS and MS in Computer Science), I can actually appreciate this. States have done a terrible job as it relates to public HBCU’s. Just recently here in Maryland, U. of Maryland-Eastern Shore(my alma mater), Morgan State, Bowie State, and Coppin State won a major lawsuit against the state of Maryland in the way they distribute funds to public institutions. Those 4 HBCU’s almost always got the short end of the stick. While UMCP, UMBC, Towson, Salisbury(which is 12 miles from UMES) and etc. have flourished, HBCU’s have struggle to keep up. Despite all of that, we still have some of the best programs in the state in physical therapy, agriculture, agribusiness, engineering, business, Computer Science, Airway Science and Education. Imagine how much better things would be if those schools got on par funding as those other schools.

So yeah, I have to commend Trump on this.

HBCU’s have educated many of successful African Americans, Africans and Afro-Caribbean’s. Our alumni is a who’s who in American history and culture, that have contribute tremendously to the development of this country. We’re not all thugs and/or hostile people like the media(right or left) portray us. In fact we have been more welcoming and accepting to white students(yes quite a few attend HBCU’s too) than a lot of PWI’s have been of us.

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Trump supporters have no problem following directions.

He employs plenty of illegals himself. Why would he cut off his own supply of cheap labor?

Trump has made it easier for vets to get socialist healthcare from private local providers.

His continued disrespect for McCain’s service.

and Obama didn’t…Good point. So, who’s really Putin’s friend? Yes, The people who divided the country for over two years now on a hoax!