Trumps Success and Failures - Lets Flip It Around

I thought it might be a good exercise for us to consider Trumps administration up till now and each poster provide a a significant success or failure of Trump but with a difference. Those who support Trump have to provide a failure and those who oppose Trump provide a success.

I will start with the success Trump has had with Healthcare. His focus on combating the opioid crisis is very welcome and he has taken significant steps to deliver on this such as dedicating $6 billion to fight opioid addiction and his continued commitment to keeping this in the public eye and on the minds of legislators. In addition, under his administration generic drug approvals are now at an all time high which will help to drive down the costs of medications for millions of Americans.

Sounds interesting, I’ll play.

The Trump administration has provided Ukraine surplus US military equipment and weaponry, helping its defense against Russian aggession. That’s a great thing and I hope it continues.

he failed in immediately deploying all means necessary, per his CONSTITUTIONAL powers to build a wall and secure the border for the sake of all americans including the ones who came here legally.

Trump didn’t have a healthcare plan ready, like he said he did prior to being elected.

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Federal prison reform. This is the catalyst that can change lives for a long long time.

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His success in negotiating with Mexico, on trade and immigration, regardless if I think he tainted the latter by making almost finalized results about himself with last minute tariff threats.

Trump working with Congress to help ex-con has been very welcoming.

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This should have been priority number 1. Instead he wasted time and political capital on the failed attempt to repeal and replace the ACA.

he should have done this as soon as he was inaugurated.

So why do you think he did not? He had control of the government?

The opioid crisis is something that Trump is genuinely passionate about and I think that stems from his own brothers addiction. I do not think Trump genuinely passionately cares about immigration because it has not touched his family in the same way addiction has.

Interesting to see some genuine success and failures being discussed.

Great topic. Thanks for posting it. It was like Opposite Day reading all those posts next to the wrong avatars !

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While I think the tariff war with China could have been rolled out more effectively, I am glad to see, and generally support, Trump’s policy to confront China.

It needed to be done. Trump did it. I applaud him for it.

The appointment of Brett kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

Been a pleasant surprise in a few cases so far

He might even turn liberal and wouldn’t that be a hoot.


He banned bump stocks. I can create the same effect with my belt loop. For a pro second amendment president, it’s disappointing to see any further gun control measures, especially one that is meant to placate the opposition. Some will say, yeah but after Nevada, if something had to be done, glad it was the useless bump stock. Sorry, but no. Using the weapon’s recoil to load another round in the chamber does not make it an automatic weapon. And aquiescing to the gun grabbers will only hold them at bay for a time. They’ll see they’ve made progress and come back for more.

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I wonder how you are defining success regarding the opiod crisis.

What you are describing is a liberal formula for success – throwing money at a problem. What I was wondering, and I don’t know the answer, have the trends in opiod addiction and deaths changed as a result of Trump’s policies? To me, that would be a success. Spending money in an of itself, is not a success.

Draining the swamp… a failure to date.

Trump has made no real movement on closing the revolving door between government service and lobbying and he has had a record number of cabinet officials mired in scandals and self dealing.

Tax policy.

Trump campaigned on reducing tax loopholes used by the wealthy, and, importantly, eliminating the carried interest loophole, whereby money managers are allowed to treat their ordinary income as capital gains. He has failed to act on this.

The 2017 tax reform was sold to the public on the promise that it would lead to a major increase in corporate investment which would spur the economy, it would lead to meaningful increases in middle class wages, and it would pay for itself.

The reform has failed on all accounts. There has been no increase in investment, no increase in wages and rather than paying for itself there has been a major increase in the federal deficit during a strong economy.

Tax policy has been a major failure for the Trump Administration


^^^^^^^^^^^^ said the biggest Trump fan here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Following directions are very hard for some when overwhelmed by TDS.

I totally agree.