Trump's Second Impeachment

This just reeks of desperation.

The House is open to the prospect of impeaching President Donald Trump a second time, lawyers for the Judiciary Committee said Monday.

House Counsel Douglas Letter said in a filing in federal court that a second impeachment could be necessary if the House uncovers new evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct investigations of his conduct. Letter made the argument as part of an inquiry by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals into whether Democrats still need testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn after the votes last week to charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

And the clown car goes around the track one more time.


The libs are disgusting. They’re going to keep impeaching Donald Trump over and over again until he leaves office willingly in 2024. They just can’t help themselves. They know that Voters are Sick and Tired of their nonsense, and yet they continue down this Dark Path. I hope they keep it up, because every time they attack the president, He just keeps getting stronger and stronger.


Well I don’t know about this case in particular, but in general if the first impeachment doesn’t remove the President there is nothing in the Constitution that says he or she is immune to another one, if so merited.

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That’s the ticket. Doesn’t look partisan or petty at all.


Not sure what the perceived political advantage is in such a move, but I can easily see how it could backfire.

Donald’s corrupt, and he was impeached for it. Let it marinate.

Tbh I think they will keep investigating and impeaching until they either tarnish his reputation so badly among young voters that he won’t get re-elected (stopping his re-election) or wear him out to the point where he gets frustrated and gives up a second term.

They’re not doing this because they think that Trump legitimately broke the law and they are abiding by the Constitution. They are doing it because they want to kill Trump’s political image.

I am far from blindly partisan, and I think it would take quite a bit to make Pelosi do it again. She didn’t pull the trigger on impeachment after the Mueller report despite having 10 possible cases of Obstruction laid out for her. Mueller even testified that there was no other recourse than impeachment for these offenses.

Despite all this, Pelosi didn’t do it.

And the next day after Mueller testified Trump pulled another fast one, and this time it was easier to digest and explain. Pelosi at this point had to do it.

It would take that level, or even worse, for her to do it again. But would she? I think so, but it would have to be VERY bad.

I respectfully disagree. I just think that no matter what Trump does, his base will back him and the GOP will cover for him. To a person. But that doesn’t make him innocent, it just makes him protected.


Then why didn’t she do it back then, when the Mueller report came out? If it was already enough to impeach him on? To me, if they truly wanted to end the corruption in the executive branch they would have done it ASAP. Not trying to be condescending, but something about the timing of this just seems fishy…


Politics is a lot like comedy.

Timing is everything.


They back him because of his policies, not his character- and his character is something else. I think there would be a lot of defections from his base if he did something that was treasonous or against the Constitution. That said, one can twist the definition of “treasonous” to their liking, so it becomes more subjective.

making a policy out of non-stop impeachment doesnt mean trump isnt innocent

From what I understand, she didn’t feel it passed the sniff test. Lots of Democrats were not on board with impeachment. There were a lot of moving parts in the Mueller report and the offenses Trump committed weren’t “visceral” enough. Granted, they were and still are impeachable offenses but Pelosi knows a winning hand from a losing one and she didn’t see the benefit of pursuing it.

Trump forced her hand with the Ukraine debacle, though. Even then she could have tacked on the Mueller stuff and did a third article of impeachment and did not.

But if Trump forces her hand again, she would, of course, pull the trigger on a third article. As any SOTH would.

I’m glad we could disagree civilly- or at least, have a civil conversation. Merry Christmas. :slight_smile:

That is all well and fine, but what is mysterious to me is that ANY GOP President is going to follow basically the same policies that Trump does, and perhaps do it even better.

So why all of this emphasis on keeping Trump in place, when his character is so nasty?

To me, I suspect that there has to be some underpinning doubt that any GOP candidate outside of Trump has a greater chance of losing, and that the chance of losing is enough to excuse Trump’s behavior.

Merry Christmas to you as well, hope your holidays are a good one.

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Why? Everyone already know the dems are waiting on other court cases that could add to impeachment.

Next time dont vote for a criminal. It’s really that simple

Hey this reminds me…did Mike Huckabee ever reveal that “legal” way Trump could run again in 2024?

I understand where you’re coming from. I can only speculate, but Trump’s base wants him in office because they feel the country has shifted too far to the left, and so they want Trump to bring it back to the center. But that can be done with other politicians…they might also want him in office because of his good deal-making skills as a businessman. Again, there are other people, other economic experts, that could do the job just fine.

Just between you and me, I really hated Trump when he started to run- he made fun of people and he branded them. (In fact, I voted for Cruz as my first vote). It might be a persona but it’s a pretty awful one, I will agree with you there. I still don’t agree with his demeanor at all, but one cannot deny the economic successes. I fear that the left OR the right may shift towards more totalitarian measures (the left economically, the right socially) in effort to retaliate against the other side. They need to remember that their paycheck comes from the people.

(sorry for the delayed response. Was delivering some bread and honey butter to the neighbors)