Trumps personal valet tests positive

the white house claims both trump and pence tested negative afterwards but do we know for sure given how often the white house lies

Keep wishing…

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we also do know how much the media lies


They tested negative.






Not a fan of the president but I hope he remains safe.


I was thinking this was going to be about STD’s


You’re close but it’s actually more about TDS thinking. :sunglasses:


No doubt Trump will be taking HCQ and … Nothing.

Taking it? He hasn’t said it out loud for over two weeks. When the Magic Pills number one hype man has forgotten about it then take a hint, that whole thing was a scam from day one.


Criticism of trump or anything connected to him=TDS. Got it.

All we can do is hope.


Convenient that the president and everyone around him are able to get tested daily so they’re able to work with a modicum of safety otherwise this guy might’ve infected a whole bunch of people, eh?


Remember. The democrats lied about Trump for over three years. Every single one of them. So don’t give us this crap about caring about lies.

Trump has refused to wear a mask as a precaution against the coronavirus despite federal health guidance that suggests all Americans do so when in public and when unable to maintain a 6-foot distance from other people.

I have to really LOL at the whole homemade or bandana mask thing. It is IMO more of a “feel good thing” than actually a deterrent.

I’ve gone into the convenience store, grocery store, drug store countless times January - April and people weren’t wearing masks.

Wash your hands properly, don’t touch your face.


There’s a group out there that calls themselves STD.

Stop The Donald. :man_shrugging:

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Most are wearing them in our local grocery stores.

Same here. Feel good. Just like the plastic barriers that do absolutely nothing.

Probably so. I’ve been getting out more lately. Played golf yesterday and walked instead of riding. Pretty safe if one plays alone.

The wife and I got adventurous and ate at Red Lobster one day this week. :smile:

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That’s awesome, my friend. :+1: