Trump's Labor Secretary to take questions on his handling of Epstein case

I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of ducking and dodging. And since this could potentially make Trump look bad, he’s probably been given his orders by Trump.

So, what do you think his excuse will be?

And for the record, Trump has called Epstein “a terrific guy,” and praised Acosta’s work as Labor Sec and said he felt bad for what Acosta is now going through.

Parents? You guys wanna speak up?

If it’s not under oath, it will mean nothing.

Hopefully Acosta will be able to shed some light on Clinton’s connection to Epstein. Acosta knows a lot about Epstein because of his work in Florida, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows all the dirty details about slick willy. Hopefully the questions are carefully screened so that we don’t have to deal with the rapid leftwing media trying to make this a circus. Fox News and Breitbart reporters only.

He’s a morally bankrupt man. And his boss is even more so.

He’s got some splainin’ to do about why he didn’t follow the law and notify the victims. That offense seems pretty cut and dried – and indefensible.


Barry Krischer, the Palm Beach County state’s attorney at the time of the investigation, called Acosta’s account, which alleged Krischer was prepared to let Epstein walk without serving jail time until Acosta’s office stepped in, “completely wrong.”

“Mr. Acosta’s should not be allowed to rewrite history,” Krischer said in a statement."

it appears that a Trump hire is lying.

I hope the truth…what ever it is…gets fully exposed so that all can witness how this piece of ■■■■ was simply slapped on the wrist for horrendous crimes?

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I agree.

Mitch McConnell is going to make sure there is no Senate investigation into this.