Trump's Justice Department does not comply with court order to release transcripts of Michael Flynn’s conversations with Russian ambassador

It’s all so curious isn’t it? Trump and his team lied about meetings, lied about what the meetings were regarding, lied about what was said at the meetings, and now they don’t want more information released about a conversation.

It’s almost like they’re hiding something.

It’s a good thing a sitting president can’t be charged with obstruction.

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Just when we thought it couldn’t any more stupid.

Isnt that contempt?

above the law?

Oh, I’m sure the Trump Justice Department is scared. What is the court going to do about it? Complain to a higher court? Trump owns the SCOTUS. He can do whatever he wants.

Which doesn’t do squat for him if he or someone in this administration does something that is unconstitutional. They will have to rule against him.

I laughed out loud the other day when Trump claimed that he was the most transparent president in the history of our country. I believe that in the long run our system will prevail and there might be some pretty ugly truths that will be made public.

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Look, this so - called judge has no business ordering Donald J Trump’s Justice Department to do anything. Trump is going to show this so - called judge who’s boss, contempt of court be damned. What does this guy think he is - a judge or something?

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Probably some Obama appointed lib judge.

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And Mexican too I bet.

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i bet law and order folks will be outraged and post in this thread.

The piece is actually quite balanced in its reporting. Both sides are fairly represented……………

And alas it has nothing to do with Trump.

You might want to read the entire article, which you clearly haven’t.

Sadly some of his true believers will totally believe him.

Of course it does. It is his DOJ. You know, the buck stops here stuff. And I would not be surprised if Trump himself gave the order to Barr not to release anything.

Oh hell yeah. Trump has been stonewalling investigators his entire life.

I’ll be glad when he’s finally out of office so he has to face the music that the rest of us face. Massive investigations (state and federal) will be completed by then.

At the moment Donald Trump is above the law.

hopefully the judge had justice officials arrested for contempt

I have always said that Trump should fear the DSNY and the NYAG the most. I believe Bannon when he said that he was aware of large scale money laundering.

Is that a joke?

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It’s comical that Donald Trump has been doing shady and illegal stuff his entire life, been taken to court over it, but once he became a politician everybody started trusting in him.

That’s just stupid.

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