Trump's GOP challenger: 'I may be reduced' to debating Alec Baldwin

Oh man time to take the kid gloves off and get into adult politics. This should be an interesting development if Trump refuses to debate him

To be fair he has nothing to gain by debating him regardless of one politics. It would be like Obama in 2012 before facing Romney debating someone who doesn’t stand a chance in his party he wouldn’t do it.

Shouldn’t that be “increased” ? :wink:

The debate would go like this:

Weld - Trump said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Broken promise.
Trump - WRONG
Weld - Trump said he would repeal and replace ObamaCare on day one Another promise.
Trump - WRONG
Weld - Trump said he would release his tax returns. Hasn’t happened yet.
Trump - WRONG
Weld - Trump said that he believed Putin over US intelligence officials
Trump - I believe Putin
Weld - Trump said that North Korea is nuclear free
Trump - I love Kim.


I wonder if he actually does debate Alec Baldwin if fake news media will give that debate primetime coverage. Would be pretty funny :slight_smile:

And the Trumpsters would be in here live posting how Trump just won the debate bigly with his amazing answers with the most beautiful words. Perhaps since even Shakespeare these are most beautiful words ever said or written. Trump only gave the best answers.