Trump's expected pick to be next State Dept spokesperson once blasted his behavior as 'disgusting'

“You have somebody who makes fun of people with mental and physical disabilities. That’s disgusting; there’s no other way around it,” she said in a Fox News radio interview. “Quite frankly, I don’t want someone with the temperament of a middle school pubescent boy in the president’s office.”

Welp, I’d say she’s out. You can’t talk bad of the king during this era. She should update her resume and look for a different job. This one won’t last long or won’t happen.

Oh, and regarding her comment above, she’s 100% right.

She just proves that everyone has a price. Hers is just lower than most

It seems you missed the things Kellyanne Conway said about Trump while she was working for Cruz during the 2016 primaries. She was terribly critical of him. A few highlights:

She referred to him as part of the establishment (“Goodness, You’ve Hired Paul Manafort” she said). Criticized his building his empire off the backs of the little guy, then refusing to pay. And ripping people off in Atlantic City and Trump U. And abusing eminent domain. And for being unpresidential. An called him on to release his tax returns. Accused him of using Gestapo tactics with his whining and complaining about the system being rigged. Accusing him of false accusations toward the Cruz campaign.

And look where she’s at today.

What qualifications to work with Trump are necessary? :sunglasses:


Money $$$

YEAH and that price is…MAGA!!

Once again the “no credibility” socialist crowd with their faux outrage!

You’re as transparent as cling wrap…

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Get her in a red cap and a bikini and Smyrna will collapse.

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This bout sums up the deep thinking of supporters of the Shallow State.


I guess if this new one totally sucks up the Trump now he’ll let it pass. Is all about him anyway. Compensating for those small hands of course.

She said some really bad and truthful things about our president but she’s hot.

Didn’t we have posters here bragging about how hot the porn star was that Trump slept with? I wonder if they were christians.

Trump said she had a horse face. What a time to be alive.

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Having to reject your true beliefs in order to suck up to a philandering lunatic is cool.

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Trump wasn’t making fun of the guy’s problems. He didn’t even know he had them. He was doing his feckless dumb guy imitation…

Try to focus Cratic. You can do it.

That’s perfectly to the point… Pleased try to keep up.

No, it really isn’t. Like at all.

Yeah…I know. I’m deplorable…amirite? :sunglasses:

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yes, it is…Perfect.

This illustrates that there are so many willing to sell out their principles and humiliate themselves just to be near the seat of power.

The best example of this is Jeff Sessions, never before has a man been so willing to take public humiliation by his boss just to hang onto some semblance of power. I am sure his wife and kids were so proud of their father and husband who never once grew a spine and fought back.

Seriously if my boss treated me like that my own self respect would demand that I call him out and then go find another job.

But this is Trump’s skill - he is a bully and surrounds himself with weak minded desperate individuals. Even his adult kids are desperate for his approval. What a messed up administration we currently have.