Trump will be re-elected

Mr. Trump has an organization that will guarantee his re-election.


Question for you, does the fake media include Fox News?

In some cases yes. Others all the time

Nah. He barely won in 2016 and we’ve all been able to see how big of a joke he’s been in 2 years.


The biggest thing Trump has going for his election is the Democrats deciding the best way to beat him is to find some far left opens border socialist candidate.

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He might win. He might not.

Odds are certainly against.

Biden will be running, that’ll be fat Donald’s kryptonite.

This is how you and Fox News will spin it no matter who they nominate.

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Maybe if he runs on Mars.

The constant chicken little media reports and cat calling have made Trump a folk hero who has successfully stuck up to and defeated the globalist agenda.

It is going to take a solid and patriotic candidate for the D to win in 2020.

Nobody who has announced so far will do it.

So what’s considered a patriot nowadays

Ha ha … The GOPs are banking their hopes on a Russian stooge who’ll give his Putin-tang boyfriend another four years. As your pal Dubya once said, “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

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If he does, America loses.


Lets see if you have your money where you mouth is.

  1. go to

2 sent up an account.

3 deposit money

  1. Bet on Trump at 30, if its such a lock 30 (3-1) is a great price

  2. Post trade confirmation on this thread.

  3. $$$$$$$$$ when Trump is re-elected.

or maybe you are not that certain, How many real life bucks are you willing to wager on your political acumen.



2004: better support the Iraq War or you’re a traitor!

2020: better support the wall or you’re a traitor!

It’s so sad that we don’t have access to old posts here. As a 15 year member, I have seen the gradual transition of the “right” leaning membership from neoconservative to Trumper.

Trumper’s don’t realize he’s going to have to do debates and take questions from people that don’t work for fox

Is that why his approval ratings are in the gutter? I can’t imagine being delusional enough to think Trump is a folk hero.

They need to start realizing that trump is not famous - he is infamous.

Nobody is a big enough nitwit to think Trump is a folk hero.

Trump now has the longest government shutdown in history under his belt, and it started while the Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of congress. Whatever else happens during the Trump presidency, that is now going to hang over him like a cloud.

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