"Trump Was Right", There Really Is a Tweet For Everything

Looks like President Trump was onto the obama intel dimocrat shenanigans earlier than they thought.

Nailed it!


The DNC was actually hacked by Russians, according to literally every federal investigative agency and a 3rd party.

Trump extremely wrong. And then choose to believe a dictator over those same Intel agencies.


Those intel agencies don’t exactly have a stellar reputation for honesty in light of this whole fiasco now do they. (no need to answer, statement is rhetorical)

It’s my understanding that the DNC prohibited all federal investigative agencies from directly inspecting their server.

Comey: DNC denied FBI’s requests for access to hacked servers

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Another "mission accomplished " by Trump

Many need to be prosecuted for criminal behavior. Wouldn’t you agree?

Who’s in charge of DOJ right now?

…and I’m still waiting…and waiting…and waiting… :sunglasses:

LOL, no, the Feebs did to themselves going all the way back to Hoover & cointelpro. there is a history there.

…drip, drip, drip… :sunglasses:

Putin said STRONGLY that they didn’t do it.
If that’s good enough for the President, it’s good enough for me.

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As to the bolded, the statement that every federal investigative agency made a determination on the hacking is not true. Only three federal agencies made any determination; CIA under Brennan, FBI under Comey and NSA under Admiral Rogers. Brennan and Comey are subjects of the ongoing investigation, and Rogers had only a moderate level of confidence at the time given the evidence.

AP issued a retraction regarding the 17 agencies 3 years ago but seems to still be circulated as though it is true.

As to the italics, I presume you mean CrowdStrike. The curious thing is CrowdStrike’s involvement as testified under oath by Shawn Henry. The law firm Perkins Coie contracted with CrowdStrike on behalf of the DNC to provide IT support. Perkins Coie was also the law firm representing the Clinton campaign as well as the firm contracting with Fusion GPS and paid for the dossier.

And then there is the timeline of events regarding the server that just don’t add up.

Are their other investigative federal agencies besides the ones you listed?

What server? Why is there still a question about this “server”? There wasn’t a 1 server. And the FBI got their forensically sound copy.

Or I guess we can believe Putin like Trump did in Helsinki

Well the FDA, the EPA, and the USDA were completely silent on it so… :laughing: