Trump was proposing locking down NY and Cuomo opposing it

So there appears to be an video from Trump in a interview Trump proposing locking down NY and Cuomo was opposing it!

So in the video Trump says that he is considering it. And when Cuomo was asked he said that he didn’t know what a “lock down” meant. And Cuomo questioned if a federal “lock down” was legal and could be enforced. So no big deal, right?


…and yet, today, Cuomo has levied a quarantine order on those coming into NY? If it’s a good idea today, why wasn’t it a good idea back then but in reverse…when it would have done the whole country a lot of good? Governor Cuomo should be prosecuted for his handling of this whole COVID thing, especially in regards to his orders effecting nursing homes.


not only did it not make sense then, but cuomo threatened to sue states that did it.

I remember when that was.

Complete reversal for Cuomo. Trump policy at that time would have saved even more lives in the tri state area.


Beyond “we are thinking about it” what was the President’s plan for quarantining off those States?

Trump does his best brain storming out loud and in front of cameras. I personally loved when he cane up with the idea of sunlight killing germs. Stable genius he is for sure.


This was like four ■■■■■■■ months ago guys. We talked about it then. Nothing “just surfaced.” Holy mackerel.

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It’s Groundhog Day.

Show me where the OP said that this “Just surfaced”

You quoted it. Why make ■■■■ up?

Maybe you should have checked your notes.