Trump warns Germany about Russian energy dependence. They laughed

We did see gas prices skyrocket during the Obama admin. They just did not anticipate fracking becoming widely in use which dropped the oil prices after hitting 100 a barrel or so. That’s why they had the Media attack fracking.

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Okay. I am sure thats how you see it.

Excellent point.

Fracking did save us.

Peak oil was all the talk back then.

What a bunch of idiots there behind the germany sign.

They ain’t laughing now.

What else was there to see?

Peak Oil!!

Same standards of a doctorate? You failed to provide a single example of your assertion, let alone years of research an citation.

The only resemblance this bears to a dissertation is your failure to defend it.

Marcus Gilmer is fake news media?

Who knew?

Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not a performing bear in the circus and I don’t jump through hoops on command. You don’t like my opinions then just move along.


That is our dear indispensable opposition’s favorite game.

It is almost never a worthwhile exchange. Wise choice.


Okay, but first I will note that you appear to just be making stuff up.

Yeah, our indispensible opposition gets all grumpy when challenged on their nonsense.

The exchange is wortwhile insofar as we let them know we see their lies and prevarications.


It’s the fishing demands for opinion contribution.

Many don’t even ask nice.