Trump walking up air force one with tp on his shoe

Winning! :sunglasses:

Just another Trump supporter.

An army of handlers and not a single one cared to help him.

Just imagine how much the secret service must despise this man to not even say something.

Lol, would you? :slight_smile:

True story: The TP used Donald to wipe.

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Whoa! I hadn’t thought about that! LOL!

Nothing wrong here, just the President going to clean up more of the world’s s@#$.

Do you have a problem with patriots? Not counting the New England kind? Remember that classic Van Halen song Panama? It’s keeps running through my head, But instead of hearing Panama I’m hearing Kavanaugh. But I kinda like it.:blush:

Even though Nebraska said it…it has nothing to do with it…just look…chuckle and take a deep breath…


Makes sense…where else but an ass is TP likely to stick?

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He is the Great Trumpholio!


You mean the TP patriots thst were protesting tge debt when Obama was president?

We seen where they are now stuck to the bottom of Trump’s shoe.


The President already signed the papers on Airforce One and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh has been sworn in.

Finally something libs don’t have to cry about this week. Let them have their moment. There’s always next week.


Turns out it wasn’t TP it was TPP.

No rp, it was turdy toilet paper, and you know where it came from.

And we can all see that the good and decent humans forced to be around him averted their eyes and let him walk around like that. lol.