Trump walking up air force one with tp on his shoe

That was in Minnesota. Your beloved fly over country.

Of course they did. How would you like being a Secret Service agent for that ■■■■ head.


I knew someone should put their foot right up his ass but I never imagined he’d do it himself.

It’s his own feces. He steps in it regularly!

That is perfect.

Air-force #2


That’s it. :+1:

The toilet paper was just doing it’s job…trying to clean the nations butt!

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$20 says Trump fans start sticking TP to the bottoms of their shoes as a fashion statement.


Man, I just hollered!! LMAO!!

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I can see where it would be kind of funny, but what relevance does it have to the issues that the nation is currently facing?

None. Which is why the OP suggested this is just something for us to simply enjoy. With all of the other serious issues out there, let us all enjoy a moment of levity. It was funny.


Okay. Fair enough. :slight_smile:

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I came back into the country just in time to see this epic video. It’s uncanny how perfect this is.

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If we can’t share a good laugh at juvenile humor, then all is lost my young friend. :slight_smile:

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There’s a longer video out there. He turns and disappears into the plane and that’s when the TP comes off. And there sits the ■■■■■■ pile of TP in the doorway of AF1.

Heading out to an appointment, don’t have time to find it now.


The tp was walking with him.

The thing I keep thinking of is that no one told him. Lol. I have had strangers tell me when I have tp on my shoe.

That’s the GOP ■■■■■■■■ all over his shoes.

I heard that he is going to offer that T.P. to Dick Durbin to wipe his tears after his big supreme court loss. Let’s enjoy this moment. :sob: