Trump vs. The Liberal Lies

So how long as this whole Trump collusion with Russia been going on now?
How much longer do you think this liberal lie will last?
They don’t have any proof, and they have is speculation and theories.
I really am curious, because you would have thought that paying a special counsel to investigate the president of the United States Of America would have found something by now? But than again they’re Democrats. So my guess is that they’ll take his whole presidency and still find no ironclad proof. lol. Personally, I’m sick and tired of hearing the liberal media squawk about it, because they have nothing else better to say or to do, then to spread this lie about Trump.

The special counsel was hired by Republicans, and Trump only hires the best.


But seriously though-another day, another right-wing whining about Mueller thread.

Clap those cymbals!


Republicans have started and are in charge of every investigation into Russia and the election. Try getting basic facts right when you’re going to complain about stuff.

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How long do you think the investigation will last though?
I mean, it’s been going on for awhile, and they still haven’t found anything.
Maybe that’s because there is nothing to find, and they’re still going to look for it anyways.

Something, something Benghazi.


Not found anything? Four people associated with the Trump campaign have been charged. Two have plead guilty. I guess that’s nothing.

then why isn’t Hillary in prison? with her email case, several people were charged, and found guilty.

what were they charged with? please show me some examples. I’d love to read more about it?
More than just your liberal media outlets. Give me a neutral or Conservative website that talks about it.

I’m sensing the Tumpaneze are getting very stressed.

I suggest Valium. You’ll need it.

I really do thank you for the gesture, but the liberals are the ones that are really good at pushing drugs on people, and abusing them. So, I’ll pass, and let you keep them.

Who is also himself a lifelong Republican. These Trump cultists just cannot reconcile this reality in their conjured victimization narrative, can they.

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Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down



Because she wasn’t charged and convicted with anything?

FYI every person here who disagrees with you, presents an uncomfortable truth, or challenges your opinion is not a liberal.

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Benghazi - 4 years, 0 indictments
Clinton email investigation - 2 years, 0 indicments

Trump criminal investigation - 14 months, 23 indictments, 5 guilty pleas.

This has a lot of rope to play out based on the results to date


When you put it like that, the conservatives whining about this begin to look, at best, ridiculous.

and you came up with that all by yourself! I’m so proud of you!
You may want to sit down. I’m sure that was very hard for you to think up.

Perhaps getting angry over genuine crimes and scandals is a better way to spend your emotional currency.