Trump Vs. Major Sports In General

I’m really glad that not any other major sporting events such as the MLB(baseball), NHL(hockey), NBA(basketball), MLS(soccer) are stupid enough to challenge Trump.
I mean, I’d really hate for any other major sporting event to happen what happened to the NFL, and how they lost so much ratings wise, respect wise, sponsors wise, etc… lol.

The NFL really didn’t loose that much. Every team made a profit within the margins that they have for the last ten years. They took a bit of a hit in ratings. But it has not been proven that what Trump did had any impact.
And since the TV contracts are through 2022 none of the teams lost any TV money. And now the NFL players association is going to take on the owners. Want to make a bet on who wins?

sure. But I live in poverty. So it’s hard to bet when you aint got hardly didly.
I would be willing to bet anything I had that in the long run, that if any sport took on Trump
that they would lose money overall. Which I know the NFL has lost certain sponsors like Papa Johns was one of them for an example.

Awesome icon pic though! I love watching re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show.
Don Knotts is a really funny guy. It reminds me of when comedy was a lot more clean and pure,
and not like most of the sick garbage like most of the liberal Comedians now a days that have no moral boundaries! just trying to edit a post

No one should defy dear leader!