Trump very concerned about Chinese jobs

HANGHAI — President Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday that he was working with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to prevent the collapse of the Chinese electronics giant ZTE, which shut down major operations after being sanctioned by the United States Department of Commerce last month.

“Too many jobs in China lost,” Mr. Trump wrote. “Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!”

Trump telling the commerce dept. to save those chinese jobs!!!

Lol. What the hell?

I thought he wanted to bring jobs home to the US FROM china? I thought that was why many here and elsewhere voted for him.

What gives?

That man is retarded.


He’s an idiot but somehow someone here will find a way to defend his statement.

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He just ordered for our tax dollars to be spent fretting over chinese jobs…

In the This Day in Politics thread, it is noted that Us companies have been banned from dealing with this company for going against Iran sanctions, and that intelligence agencies have been warning that this company is likely spying on American consumers. I haven’t read up on it yet myself.

Chinese company in trouble? America to the rescue!
General Motors in trouble? No bailout! Let them go into bankruptcy!


Making China Great Again

Donald Trump - Making Gyna Great Again!

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crazy days.

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I guess we won’t here from any trump supporters until Fox and Friends explains this to them. Or Rush or Sean.

So, tomorrow around 10 AM?

Again Trump talks out both sides of his mouth. It looks like Xi Jinping is figuring out that he can ask Trump to jump and Trump will ask “how high”,

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Maybe they also make ties?

They work, american workers work.


Okay THAT said.

Unless and until ZTE can prove their phones are not spying or causing any harm, then the ban should remain in place.

And they were banned partly for violating Iran sanctions.

which Trump said weren’t though enough.

Of course Trump cares about China. He needs cheap labor for his & Ivanka’s over-priced products.

In my opinion, excellent move. He wants to inflict pain but not permanent damage. He also has the opportunity to earn goodwill by doing this and ease the negative image he must have in China by exerting these sanctions.

Yeah, they only broke sanctions against Iran and North Korea, lied about it to the US government, paid their executives extra to do both those things, and are likely using their phones to spy on Americans. Don’t want to go to hard on them…

Brilliant move by Trump. Absolutely brilliant. And libs are like in the total dark.

Yes, brilliant move. For the Chinese.

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