TRUMP UNCHAINED: The President RIPS ‘MAD MAXINE’ Over Cabinet Threats | Sean Hannity

President Trump slammed firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters Monday just hours after she called for the public harassment of senior Cabinet members; telling the California legislator to be “careful what she wishes for.”

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Glentleladies and Gentlemen – these are the same morons who coined the word “Gentlelady” for use on the floor where laws are made…

No same and rational commander if chief would post that threatening tweet.

No same and rational commander in chief would allow themself to get in the gutter and muck around with the likes of Maxine Waters.

Publicly holding folks accountable I’m down for, harassing people…nawl… can’t get down with.

Auntie Maxine is too over the top. However I do concur with one thing she has said, “I don’t believe a word Donald Trump saids”. Lol!
I definitely share that sentiment.

Maxine Waters is psychotic and should be in a mental institution. Why do people keep reelecting crazies like Maxine. If the left keeps up this intimidation, they’re going to bite off more than they can chew. I’ve never seen a country so divided. That’s what eight years of a community organizer will do to a Country. Divide and Conquer was their plan but Trump tipped over the apple cart and the Democrats have all lost their minds.

libs always say “naaa …I dont agree with that” when some supposed errant lib is caught being… a lib. But they continue to vote for people who will enable these errant libs. very disengenuous.