Trump Twitter Ban is Permanent

He knows who they are. Look at the post above and at the date

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Did you pull a Kevin McCarthy, my guy? Are you pretending not to know about QAnon when you’ve known exactly who and what they are in the past?

Lol. “I don’t even know how to say it. Q-on?”


I have often suspected that you were posting from the school yard

No I still don’t…but I know who the and what CoJ and FBI are thou. They’re corrupt POS’s specially those at the top.

Sure you do. You knew enough about them in 2019 to know that they were responsible for Pizzagate

Because it was all what libs here talked about.

Nice try lib.

Not one single post here of mine. Not one.

Here is 11 posts calling out libs double standards. Everything else was defending against personal attacks because of libs double standards.

I understand libs desire to hold others to standards they refuse to hold themselves.

So you do know what they are and you were telling porkies about not knowing.

Clearly the cable ratings say differently.


cNN rating coup.


There is also felony trespassing.

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Trying to use Brit slang to accuse members of lying. Tsk, tsk.


Criminal defiant trespass is more of what I saw.

The idiots looked bewildered when they were in the building.

They expected the police to stop them.

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So did I.

Part of why this entire event doesn’t appear genuine…to me anyway.

I understand, but it was genuine.

You betcha. All the security forces had to do was act on the Intel they had in hand days before the permitted rally. They could have taken security to another level by applying the Capitol building security plan used during the DC MLK & Vietnam protests/ riots between 1968-1973. DCNG and units from Ft. Belvoir protected the Capitol approaches with trucks, jeeps and .50 HMG emplacements. Deterrent? Yes. Meat grinder? Absolutely.

It was real enough.

The reaction though is a bit off. If we had no civil unrest over the summer the context would make more sense…however with no summer unrest…No way does this happen.

Let me circle back to the Trump Twitter ban…why permanent? Temporary to cool everyone off…makes more sense. Permanent is about protecting the aristocrats from criticism on a worldwide popular platform.

You have to understand repressive tolerance, which is exactly what this is. Some violence is ok. Basically violence in the name of liberation from oppression. It is to be tolerated. Promoted even.

Other violence is never to be tolerated because it is defending the status quo and sustaining oppression. It is to be met with violence and crushed.

The Trump twitter ban is only permanent as long as Twitter says it is. Calling it permanent is virtue signaling.

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Just crazy watching the left jump into the police state pool with both feet.

You still don’t know the definition of “virtue signaling”

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