TRUMP TROLLS CHUCK: The President RIPS ‘HAYWIRE’ Chuck Schumer Over Immigration | Sean Hannity

President Trump slammed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Wednesday, calling-out the liberal legislator for comments he made in 2009 when he claimed “illegal aliens” should not be treated the same as people who came to the United States legally.

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Good to know that in his 70 some years that Donald Trump never ever, EVER changed his mind about something as consequential as immigration.

Okie Dokie!

You know, the only thing that appears to be haywire here is the OP.

No where in what the OP provided are there any quotes by Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer since 2009 where he contradicts his statement from 2009 on illegal aliens.

Seems to me what is ripped and haywire is Fat Donald.

Just when you thought liberals in DC couldn’t get any more volte-faced, another day dawns and not so old tapes of them stridently damning the exact opposite positions on, i.e. abortion, national defense, same sex marriage, national debt, and most recently illegal immigration air on the non-Soros funded airwaves. I guess it is easy to switch polarity when you lack core beliefs, and they do [lack core beliefs]. I guess you just orient your true- north every morning based on headlines, poorly constructed survey findings and how you FEEL about the chief executive’s baiting Twitter comments about you then… voila’ enlightenment!
We have come to expect that sort of behavior from politicians, but what really gets me is the ability of their ardent supporters to reverse course so abruptly, over and again, right along with them. What does that say about them and their core beliefs? One, two, three, four… rear march! Rear march! Rear march!
Dizzy, to say the least.

I am not worried about the Dems winning anything the social darling will split the the party, just like Bernie did with Hillary

What social darling?

Please do post any evidence that you may have that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer changed his mind completely since 2009 in regards illegal immigration.


Alexandria Cortez

Yeah, no. That won’t happen.

Soros!!! :joy: :rofl: :rofl: